1. T

    FS: WORK Emotion XT7 Complete Set - Ideal For Stock Arch S15

    SOLD: WORK Emotion XT7 Complete Set - Ideal For Stock Arch S15 4 x WORK Emotion XT7 for sale (now discontinued) I have a set of WORK Emotion XT7 alloy wheels for sale in excellent condition. These are a square setup of 18" 8.5j ET +32 in 114.3 5 holes. Each wheel is fitted with a Toyo T1R...
  2. R

    WTB: 2x Work emotion CR Kai flat bronze 17"

    Hey, I'm looking for 2 work emotion cr kai in flat bronze 17", if anyone has a pair and dont want them pn me ✌
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: Work emotion xd9 18"

    Work emotion xd9 18" Having recently got myself some cr2pc wheels these are no longer needed Work emotion xd9 in Matt silver (now discontinued) Specs are 18x9 et20 225/40 18x10 et38 255/35 All tyres are kuhmo ku39 with 2500 miles max on them so loads of life left . 3 wheels have light...
  4. vinnie

    FS: Garage Mak Tow & Work Emotion Wheel Nuts

    Selling last few bits of my car Genuine Garage mak Tow bar £45 Work Emotion Wheel Nuts £35
  5. L

    FS: Few parts for sale: work emotion, spoiler etc

    Hi guys, Picked my s15 up from torque gt yesterday so I've swapped everything out today with what i'd already bought. For sale I've got Works bell quick release steering boss, cones with all parts pictured excluding nardi wheel. It's small so I don't mind posting this part. £150 posted in UK...
  6. S

    FS: 18" bronze Work Emotion CR KAI

    I have a set of bronze Work Emotion CR KAI 18x8.5 et 37 18x9.5 et 38 2 of the wheels are ok with a few marks but 2 will need refurbing due to kerb rash!! no cracks or dents, blue valves fitted. £600 delivered i can give some 5mm spacers with these if needed which makes the front et32...
  7. S

    My skyline R34

    After having 3 S15's I decided to try an R34 GTT!! saw this in the Japan auctions and won it, it arrived last week and I'm well pleased with it My GTT Has a good spec Blitz FMIC Blitz air filter Greddy BOV Greddy boost controller HKS F CON IS CPU HKS rad cap Nismo oil cap Nismo strut brace...
  8. Parky

    FS: Work Emotion CR-Kais 17F, 18R for Sale

    For sale are these Work Emotion CR-Kai rims and tyres in shadow chrome. Fronts are 17 x 8 ET35 with 215/45/17 Tyres - one is a Goodyear Eagle F1, the other is a Dunlop. Both with decent tread. Rears are 18x8.5 ET18 with 225/40/18 - Both budgets, one has a bit of tread, other I'd say is just...
  9. Havoc

    Work Emotion CR-Kai Alloys

    I am my genuine WORK emotion CR-Kai alloy wheels. 2 as a pair and 1 on its lownsome! Check links for more details! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/17-x7-Work-Emotion-CR-kai-Alloy-Wheels-/320650159146?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET&hash=item4aa83d242a#ht_914wt_922...
  10. S

    Wheel fitment

    Can anyone tell me if these wheels will fit my s15 spec r please! Work emotion cr Kai 17/8 et +42 fronts 17/9 et +44 rears Hub centres 73.3 mm Thanks
  11. sliding-r

    Pearl Whitey before and after

    Before Recent pics after having the bumper resprayed, new skirts fitted and painted and some second hand refurbed Work Emotion Kr Cai 17 x 8 shod on new avon zz3 225 45 17 tyres
  12. JEZ 8553

    FS: WORK Emotion XD9's

    Edit - new for sale thread with updated info.
  13. C

    Work Emotion CR Kai - center caps

    Can you get caps for the Emotion CR Kai wheels? I've been looking and searching everywhere I can think of with no luck so far. Cheers :)
  14. S

    Valve for Work alloy

    Hi I just been enjoyin the day driving around in my s15 when i got a puncture, took the wheel off and brought it into be repaired, on arrivial home when i went to replace the wheel it was hissing- they split the valve. So I need to get my hands on a valve for a Work Emotion wheel please, cant...