1. J

    WTB: Fuel Gauge sending unit

    I am looking for a Fuel Gauge sending unit. I am not sure that this is the name of it in English, but when I start the car the light is on that it is empty and also the indicator stands on empty. But the tank is full... Is there anybody who can help me? Or can anybody tell me what the problem...
  2. W

    Fao jack pilk

    Tried replying to your pm but you need to empty your inbox.
  3. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Looking for passenger floor mat and Radio bracket with empty bin

    Like the title says I'm looking for passenger floor mat and Radio bracket with empty storage bin.
  4. S15_SAM

    New air con tensioner pulley needed please.

    Hey guys. I need a new pulley for my air con tensioner, as it's got alot of play and is rattling. Looks like this And goes on the empty bolt just right of the crank. Sorry bout pic sizes.
  5. N

    Need advice! noise on rear.

    Hi all, When i do a hard Right turn, i notice that my rear undercarridge seems to have some weird noise.cant be the stuff in the boots as it was empty. Anyone here can advice what should i look out for when goin to the garage to check.. Many Thanks
  6. Nicely

    How empty have you let your tank get?

    Its a 65 litre tank and I put 61.1 litres in this morning. Think that's the lowest I've had it :D What about you?