1. oilman

    GUNK Cleaners & Degreasers now available at Opie Oils

    Great news, Opie Oils have added GUNK to our ever growing list of top quality brands (now over 45, take a look HERE > > >). Below is the list of Gunk products stocked, take a look it’s great stuff! GUNK Engine Degreasant A powerful and effective cleaner that has been specially formulated for...
  2. I

    High mileage question

    Got a quick question about high mileage with the S15 Been having a look around and with the price I am looking to spend £8k (if I can get that for my current car) they seem to have high mileage. Is this going to be much of an issues with these cars or are the the engines built like tanks...
  3. C

    WTB: s breaker

    guys anyone knows of a breaker that holds stock silvia's engines , gearbx, loom etc?
  4. B

    Group buy on engines and front clips

    hi, i i would like to inform everyone that i'm starting a group buy in. we are going to be getting parts like engines or front clips. if interested feel free to reply back.
  5. raytsang

    Engine bay pic's

    Right Guy's I'm Pretty sure that there was a thread started for engine bay pics. but i can find it so might aswel start it up again as people have done so many new stuff to the engines. A good chance for people to show off there engine mods Oki so heres mine :D:D:D
  6. raytsang

    Rocker Arm Stoper and Lash killer kits.

    guys ive heard that the SR20DET engines are dangerous when kept at high rev for long period or constantly hitting of the limiter as it does when drifting. Cause the rocket arms can bounce of it loction at high revs cause of the hydralic lift system. I know the Rocker Arm Stopper(RAS) kits stop...