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    Newbie - Southern England

    Hi all, recently got myself a pewter grey spec s with a few goodies but also a few things to sort out :):wave:
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    FS: Nismo engine and transmission mounts Sr20det S13, 14, 15

    Hello, I am selling a new engine and transmission mount from Nismo for 280 Euro incl. shipping to england please pm'd me. greets Ray
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    Hello from Leicester , England!

    Hello every one! My name is Vish and I am a 22 year old business student from leicester , England who has loved the Nissan Silvia S15 since 1999... I sadly do not own an S15 :furious: ... but I am hoping to change that soon.. I have been looking at this forum for years although I have never...
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    WTB: Wanted: S15 R-Spec

    Howdy folks! I'm after a fairly standard R-Spec, preferably in Grey with White or Black running a close second and third, in an ideal world with sub 60k on the clock with a full Aero kit. I have a realistic budget available as of Wednesday next week and I'm really not intrested in messing...
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    WTB: Drivers A-pillar interior and exterior trim

    Hi guys does anyone have this piece of black plastic trim available from the DRIVERS side in good condition? If you do, prices delivered to England please. And also does anyone have The a-pillar trim from inside the car off of a spec-s or ADM spec-r (i.e. no boost gauge holder or holes at...
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    A new addition to our car family

    Looks like I will also be insured to drive my boyfriend's new daily...beats a van...but if i have to borrow it on a school day I will prob struggle to get it over the speed bumps...and I am not allowed to drive it in the rain because I will die apparently! (It rains 90% of the time in England)...

    WTB: parts wanted...

    i need : rear quarters boot rear panel lights i know this isnt the wanted section but i didnt think many people look at that, i need them in england, or if you have a shell.. or know of a shell can you let me know
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello, my name is Philipp I am 21 years old and come from Germany. I am proud to show u my new loved car^^: Its a direct import from Japan. It only had a 4 day break in England to get a regestration certificate. Type specR
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    Need some help

    Its my first time ever making a poll on a site. Hope it works I would more than likely send my wheels to england to get them done professionally ie powder coated. There's no where over here capable Derek