1. Mycool

    FS: URAS NS-01 5x114 et30

    URAS NS-01 5x114 et30 17s Just purchased some new wheels so I have my 17' uras ns01s forsale. Recently been refurbed in black - all in good condition barr one could do with a slight touch up as some of the black has flaked off (very minor) Anyway there are 2 thats 8j et30 & 2 thats 9j et30...
  2. N

    Opinions on wheels

    The s15 that im importing has the standard 16" wheels on it so they've gotta go :) Now im currently torn between two sets of wheels. The XXR 527's or the Rota GTR's The XXR's will be 18x8.75 ET20 and 18x9.75 ET20. The GTR's will probably be 18x8.5 ET30 and 18x9.5 ET30, so will have a slightly...
  3. R

    New Wheels............................

    your thougths and opinions welcomed ;) Rota GR6 - 9.5x18 et30 x4 25mm spacer front 5mm spacer rear
  4. katten6

    9,5 " on s15 need pics !

    Heeey! someone who has pictures of 9.5 on a s15 with et 30? the ones I want to buy is: Rota Torque 18x9,5" ET30 and want to see how it will look like.
  5. LuPix_S15

    SSR Professors - NEW RIMS *Need Opinions*

    Ok folks :) I've finally found my very own set of dream JDM rimmage - SSR Professors woop!! :cool: I'm buying them from Fraser who's got an S14a and he had swapped them earlier in the year with a guy called Ash who own's an FD (quite well know to some of my FD mates). Basically they are...
  6. DeanS15

    wheel fitment

    yep - its the wheel pest with more questions and queries....:o i am being lured towards fitting 9jx18 et30 all round or 9.5j et35/9j et30 but have been doing a lot of head scratching over whether it will fit or not....i need peoples help. :confused: i did a bit of an experiment today and...
  7. E

    Where can I get seriously Deep dish wheels?

    I'm finding it very hard to find a selection of dished wheels with decent offset for an s15. All I have found on my search was 10x19 with et30 which doesnt seem enough! :( Does anyone know where I can find a selection?
  8. sushiming

    URAS NS-01 Alloy wheel at the amazing price of ?500 per SET

    URAS NS-01 Alloy wheel at the amazing price of ?500 per SET of 4, INCLUDING VAT and includes 8x17 ET30 5x114.3 and 9x17 ET30 5x114.3 sizes will these fit S15 with thoses offsets??
  9. G

    wheel fitment

    Hey Peeps , would these wheels fit an S15 or would the arches need to be rolled?? They are: 18x9.5 et30 5x114.3 with 255x35x18 F1s all round. Rota GTRs Cheers!!! Alex :wave: