1. A

    Do you drive your S15 daily?

    Whenever I go to a garage or someone asks me about the car or anything, people always seem to ask how often I drive it. I say...everyday & they are always surprised. I feel like they know something I don't.. when I have mechanics being surprised I drive it daily it makes me wonder. I know these...
  2. L

    Possible future S15 owner

    Hey guys, I've started to searoiusly think about getting an S15 spec r through an importers like Torque GT or similar, the only thing putting me off is that i've never really seen one to look around and sit in to see what i really think, let alone drive one. What are they like to live with...
  3. roachey

    Newbie from Scotland

    hi there im new to here and already chuffed as i never knew this was here i kinda found it by accident:) i am fairly new still to my s15 although not to nissans as i have had many 200sx's and am still using my s13 for competiton drifting and using the s15 for everyday which i have already...
  4. subzero

    Your s15 = daily driver / weekend car ??

    added a poll ..... mines driven everyday .
  5. D


    As ye know my s15 is sold because i need most off the money for deposit for my house in the next few months but was thinkin off buyin a small money nissan for everyday as iv some one too buy my current everyday car(carina E 2.0i) so what ye think almera Gti(150bhp) or pulsar vzr(175bhp) the gti...
  6. L

    S15 rebuild

    I've posted this on sxoc but it needs to go on here. Hope you like.. At the end of last year my brother Dave and myself decided our S15 was looking a bit tired. So we thought we would rip it apart and treat it to a few new bits and bobs and a new coat of paint. The car itself is now almost...