1. S

    S15 Tractor Noise

    Hello everyone I've experienced this many times, when my car is idling it'd sound like a tractor. Sound occurs quite frequently and some days it'd sound perfectly fine. When i release the clutch to the clutch point and give gas it goes away. I've done a few research and found out it had...
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    starter motor help

    my starter motor's stuffed and i cannot find where it is can someone explain where it is?
  3. pegliobaglio

    hesitation when cold

    Right chaps wonder if anyone can help? I took the car out a couple of days ago and all was fine,then yesterday took it out again and was a weird hesitation when the car was warming up,felt like it wasn't engaging the power properly,kinda hard to explain. Felt breathless and juddered a little ...
  4. B

    blow off valve

    This may sound like a stupid question for you guys but i want to know. You know when you have a blow off valve the car accelerates then sounds like its sneazing like a cheeww. But on other cars, for example with my car, it accelrates you can hear the air intake then the release sounds...
  5. G

    Ticking noise

    Just bought s15 non-turbo. There's a strange rattle in engine sometimes when started.It stops when the car is moved a couple of inches with a bit of a louder rattle. Can anyone one explain what this is and how its fixed.From novice s15 owner
  6. subzero

    Pearl paint problem - WK0 (3P)

    hi there, this is the code of my car, i got the front bumper sprayed b4 but it looked crap. now going in tomorrow as i cracked it (again) could some1 explain the way the pearl is applied. is it included in the mix or something. or do you layer it in some way?? code - Aspen White - WK0 (3P)
  7. J

    Good Website

    My friend send me this http://www.carbibles.com/ what i think is very useful website. It explain about engine oil, suspension, wheel, tyre, brake, fuel, engine and transmission.
  8. S

    nuts weight

    Who can explain the differenece between moving weight and stationary weights? Nuts, rims, tyres, hubs and etc are considered to be moving weight(I think there is a specific name for it) Anyway for example, wheel weighs 16kg with tyres but if compared, its value is much more than what it should...