1. D

    Japfest Convoy Essex

    I'll be heading up on Sunday morning from Essex. Anyone else coming from that direction fancy convoying up?
  2. B

    S15 Rear Lights?

    What rear lights are people running? just picked up my new s15 spec S and fancy some rear lights :D
  3. Chriscooke

    Open Event: South west autosport show may 15th

    I'm organising the Sxoc club stand for this show, if any of you fancy it let us know :) newton Abbott racecourse may 15th Only costs £7
  4. bzh kevin


    Hi everyone, I am kevin . I have been a happy s15 owner for the past few weeks and I hope It will remain this way . Here is my car (sorry, it needs a good clean) : I will try to upload better pictures when I get a chance to take some . The car is standard apart from some fancy ICE...
  5. S

    FS: Bumper swap?

    Hi guy's, I've got full oem spec r bumpers at the moment, all in very good condition. Anyone fancy a swap? Vertex, uras etc...
  6. T

    WTB: Dmax style 50/50

    Hey guys i'm looking for dmax style clear rear lights, no fancy led i don't like the led look thanks
  7. J

    Centre console ideas?

    Guys, In my Autech I have a horrid cloth like material on my centre console, I don't know if it was standard or previous owners idea, but it's vile. Bits falling off and just generally not that nice. So I fancy to make it into something a bit different, has anyone done anything with theirs to...
  8. J

    Another one from Japan

    Hello all The name's Andrew and i'm currently living near Hiroshima. Love anything that can go sideways and I have owned most of the Silvia family. Driving a ****ty kei car at present but will be making a proper upgrade next year. Looking at chasers, skylines and of course silvias. Really...
  9. Cess

    WTB: Wanted: centre console

    Hi, has anyone got a spare centre console they fancy selling? Cheers
  10. C

    Flywheel bolts.

    Just fitted my hypermax clutch and flywheel but realised I now need shorter bolts as mine are bottoming out. Do they need to be anything fancy or will normal m10x1 do the trick? also what are the torque settings for them.
  11. S15Cro

    WTB: Apexi Turbo Timer Harness

    Anyone have one lying about or know of anyone that has one? I don't fancy hard wiring it into the ignition loom. Cheers, Gary
  12. M

    FS: Anyone fancy a swap/PX with a Leon Cupra R

    If you are let me know and we can swap details?
  13. S

    WTB: Number plate S15 FTW

    Who has this? it was on my s15 a couple of years back and fancy it back maybe
  14. Darren_S15

    Thinking of selling up...

    I've had my S15 for over 4 years now and I still love it! But it makes me sad to see it sitting in the garage and I just don't get the use out of anymore, done less than 1,000 miles last year. With the addition of a motorbike earlier this year as well, whenever we get a nice sunny day the car...
  15. Fruitbooter

    Meet: West Midlands people...fancy a meet?

    So Craig tried to sort a meet not long back but it didn’t end up that busy so I’m told :D Does anyone fancy a meet before the years out or shall we wait till next year when its warmer now? I know there’s a good handful of people in the Midlands so if we can find a date when everyone’s free...
  16. M

    WTB: S15 Shell

    I know im asking for a lot as these are as rar as rocking horse s@*t but i dont mind what state its in bare shell/non rolling/ i can collect from all most any where. i do have an s14.5 up for sale so if someone fancy a change mayb we could work somthing out. Cheers
  17. S

    Fancy some camber?

    This is nuts!!!!! Must watch.
  18. S

    Varietta for sale.

    Look at this fancy Varietta for sale. Looks quite smart with the mods!
  19. Mark_D

    Meet: Fri 10th Dec Essex Halfway House

    Anybody going to or fancy Halfway House tommorow night? Going to be going down there with a mate in an S14. Just wondered if any of you lads would fancy it? Wouldn't mind seeing some S15's down there! Never been before although it's friday so should be a reasonable night, possibly slip a...
  20. kimi

    Rays wheels deals

    Take a look here > Please give us a call if you see anything you fancy :cool: or drop me a pm. tell us you saw it on s15oc :thumbs: