1. A

    urgent help needed

    while driving earlier the engine light started flashing constantly when on the throttle it would flash slightly faster, any help would be much appreciated as I've only had it 4 days
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    problem help! noisy engine

    ok guys please help i'm kinda scared hoping there's nothing too major wrong with my engine. It's making a loud clunking noise sounds like a tractor, it sounds like its coming from the camshaft area could be camshaft I duno. As i get more revs its louder and faster. help cheers
  3. S

    Engine Torque Dampers?

    has any one got one? do thay make a differnce? (or are thay just like "go faster" stripes:annoyed:) any probs with them? ect
  4. R

    Nismo copper...... clutch

    Hi ,havnt posted on here for sometime + have been stuck in Leicaland. No problems with the car which is more than can be said for frigin leica m8's, until.. the original clutch decided to slip on by (80K) so ordered a nismo clutch and flywheel. After reading some previous posts and Nicelys...
  5. G

    spec s performance

    hey lads, im looking at getting a spec s and just wondering performance-wise what other cars would be close to her on power? i know the spec s pushes out around 165bhp but would it be faster than a celica gt because of the weight difference? and also a levin bzr? it would be a shame if the spec...
  6. J

    Big Fat Red S15..

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I last posted here.. But anyway, here are some recent photos I took for a mate's new car. Red cars go faster..hehe
  7. sushiming

    how much faster is the S15 compared to S14?

    hey guy was just thinking how much faster is the S15 really compared to the S15 I know its about 50bhp but on the road will it see a big difference???