1. Joeh

    New Integrated Homepage

    New Homepage Trial! Just an early introduction to our potentially new integrated homepage, it's still in testing mode and a lot to be changed and tested but please give us your feedback! The link to the homepage is in the top left hand corner of the screen, or it can be seen by visiting S15...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    WIN an amazing driving experience courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance

    WIN an amazing driving experience courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance What better way to kick off Spring than with a special member offer. Ask Chris Knotts for a CAR or HOME insurance quote before 31/05/15 to be entered into our prize draw to WIN a fantastic experience – a Triple Supercar...
  3. J

    Legit or nah? £8k and no seller feedback?!
  4. M

    Hks gt-ss feedback

    Hey guys anyone running a hks gt-ss on the s15???? I just bought one and keen to get as much feedback as possible I will be running it with step1 cams power fc z32 afm 640cc injectors blitz ebc
  5. fadli256

    18x8 42 offset for Stock S15

    Found a set of TE37 with above mentioned offset (all around). Currently running on stock suspension with lowered springs. Can anyone give a bit of feedback? Couldnt find the answers in the wheel thread
  6. Y

    Anyone had dealings with Quality Cars Direct on ebay?

    Alright, Been asking about a car through ebay for this company, anyone had dealings or know anyone that have? 100% feedback so far, looks pretty legit and above board.
  7. ChrisKnottIns

    From Chris Knott Insurance - I'd like to ask a favour please........

    Hi, Could I ask a favour please? Would you take a look at this second edition of our interactive, online magazine and let us know what you think by completing the feedback form on the last page. We value your opinion and if you leave feedback I’ll make sure you’re entered into the draw to WIN...
  8. Alex De Large

    Has anyone had any dealing with this company?

    The company is JRS Commercials & Cars and they're based in Northern Ireland. Basically they have a low mileage S15 I might be interested in but i'm just trying to get some feedback on the company. Here is the car i'm looking at:
  9. M

    Great Ocean Road - Aussie Members

    Hi Everyone. I'm just having fantasies of an ultimate driving holiday, and since the Alps or Germany are a little outside the budget for now, I am starting to look for something awesome within the country. Has anybody here driven the great ocean road? I'm from Brisbane and haven't been down...
  10. W

    Looking for experienced S15 Drivers

    Hello my name is Douglas but i go by doug. Im 14 and im planning on buying a S15 as my first car, but i would like to hear some feedback from experienced and happy drivers of one. So i would appreciate feedback (good or bad) and if anyone lives in Southern California then could you tell me where...
  11. crazymat666

    New to the nissan silvia scene advice pleeeaasse :)

    hi everyone im new to the nissan scene but lately the nissan silvia spec r has caught my eye and got me saving my pennys for one. if any can give me some good directions on buying one or do's and dont's with one and anything to watch out for with the silvias during ownership i would be most...
  12. subzero

    Knock reading on your PFC ??

    what kinda numbers are you reading on your Power FC ... ive been keeping an eye on mine as of late after ever spin , just seeing what its max reading shows at .... just today it hit 17 ?? dunno if thats good or bad , just thought it was good to get some feedback from a few others. bearing in...
  13. S

    Help Needed!!

    Arite folks, Has anyone used an import company called B-Spex or know anyone who has. interested in doing business with them and would greatly appreciate some feedback. Cheers, keep up the good work Shaun
  14. meddler

    Suspension setting record

    Guys, Don't know if you are interested, but I have done a suspension settings record sheet for my own car. It is quite simple but it is what I needed. If anyone wants to use it feel free. Feedback is welcome.
  15. mint

    Origin Tail Lights

    Where can i buy them from?.. I found a seller on but im not sure i trust it due to feedback :down:
  16. G

    oldskoolcars ireland

    has anyone used oldskoolcars in dublin to import? any feedback on them appreciated:)