1. N

    Unresponsive throttle?

    I recently had my car (JDM Spec-R) serviced at JM Imports; the guy who did the work said that the throttle felt less responsive than other S15s they've had in. The car is totally stock at present, from 2nd gear upwards it boosts to 0.6bar but feels initially a bit unresponsive. I'd never thought...
  2. Jaydej

    Crunchy second gear

    Hey people my second gear feels abit crunchy and the rest seems fairly smooth any idea of what it could be? how to fix?
  3. M

    Car feels sluggish after new clutch install WTF?*

    Had just got a New exedy organic Clutch and solid flywheel installed in the s15 6 speed pedal etc feels great but Feel sluggish as f**k than before with the stock clutch ??!! Any ideas ??? Mechanic said could be not dis-engaging properly causing it to feel like ass ...it's really pissing me...
  4. T

    car not running properly

    I was out for a drive yesterday and I dropped it from 6 th gear to 3rd and when I hit 4rpm the car felt like it hit a flat spot and didn't want to give anymore. The car feels like stuttering when you try and push it .
  5. N80Jamie

    Boost Issue

    Boost Issue (Video added!) I'm having a slight issue at the minute which randomly starting occurring after a short drive tonight. Due to the cooler air temperatures at the minute i'm running a lower boost setting (around 0.7bar) as i was getting too much boost creep on the higher setting. When...
  6. R

    sound when turning right

    hey all im noticing a strange sound when turning right (passenger side only) but only after turning the steering quite abit, kinda like a rubbing sound, turning left is no sounds and steering feels fine. any ideas i can go through? thanks :)
  7. S

    Worth upgrading radiator?

    So I been thinking in mornings car feels nice and responsive. driving back from work feels like 100bhp less so sluggish my point is keeping everything cool as possibl. I have thought maybe upgrading the stock radiator? I have a fmic and basic performance upgrades etc. Anypne upgraded from stock...
  8. J

    more problems :( starting to lose the will to live.

    my s15 slowly seems to be getting more more unrealiable. sometimes it will boost fine and pull through all the gears but most of the time it splutters alot and feels like it has now power? feels like someone keeps pressing the brakes hard then letting off. also it backfires alot very loud...
  9. S

    Slower then stock?!?

    So my 15 was stock apart from a turbo back exhaust. I recently installed a hks suction kit and hks ssqv bov. thinking it would gain some HP it feels laggierrrr and slower doesnt even pull as hard wtfffffffffffffff?????????????????????? helpppp anyonee...
  10. W

    Immense Steering Judder

    Already have this posted up on the SXOC but I got very mixed responses so thought I'd post up here to see if anyone can shed any light. This has really started to do my head in now. My steering vibrates very badly between 70 - 85. It's almost unbearable and when I turn slightly at those...
  11. Ozone

    FS: NISMO suspension for sale

    This was an option for the S15 when new. These parts have done 8k km in Japan and 3.5k miles in the UK. Front and Rear spring rates are 3kg and 3.2kg up from 2.2kg and 2.4kg. That doesn't sound much but the damping forces are increased considerably, this suspension feels pretty stiff and it...
  12. sparks

    new goodies

    new goodies pics up now japspeed elbow downpipe and decat added at the weekend feels like a new car
  13. R

    Hello from florida

    Just titled my newly acquired 99 spec R..... It feels like it belongs here)=
  14. naha_music

    bad/rough idle after installing cams

    i recently finished installing a set of bc 264 cams and now having some idle issues. it sits around 850rpms at idle, but the motor seems to vibrate very bad and the boost vaccum seems to fluctuate sporadically between 6-7.5, which it didn't do prior to installing the cams. at times, it also...
  15. T

    Clutch issue

    Hey guys, I haven't had all that much time to post on here and have mainly used it for reference but I must make some more time to keep posting! LMAO I'm currently just tryin to iron out a couple of niggles with the car. Everything's spot on apart from a few teething problems here and there...
  16. M

    car problem?

    Hi all, Got car problems, car is having these type of Symptoms; -Alot of Black smoke -Engine shakes badly -Exhaust shakes -Revs will go up and down on idle/driving (feels like it going to stall) -Loss of power, feels like if i trash the car something will blow up. One day the car will be...
  17. M

    MY NEW CAR!!! Its not a 200!!!

    Seeing as a few of you will see it at the weekend, I thought Id post a brief pic now :) Its very posh compared to what Ive been driving for the last 4 years :eek: Not driven it much tho. Bought it with a running issue which has...
  18. Z

    Tein super street

    does anyone know if the tein super street coilovers are any good, mostly for street but occasional track and sideways action ?? i find the stock suspension feels a bit sloppy. thanks in advance for your help
  19. raytsang

    HKS GT-RS turbo max boost

    Hi guys have recently installed a GT-RS turbo similar to the gt2871r. was just wondering what the max boost these turbos can produce..? as i've been messing with the boost controller and adjustable actuator and got it running steady on 1 bar. feels really good and solid want to see how it...
  20. K

    Just had my first good drive :)

    Wow is all i can say. Handles soooo much better than the 14 did. Feels much more planted and sure footed. I'm running pretty much standard at the mo and it still feels as quick as my 14a at stage 1 !! All i can say is that i'm loving it. Taking it easy though and avoiding the deers over...