1. J


    Hello from another newbie :) Originally from Sheffield, into my cars and computer games! Looking forward to having a browse and getting to know some fellow car enthusiasts! Joe
  2. Nickichi

    Gran turismo 5

    been a bit late getting the game due to college projects but now they are out of the way i've bought myself another S15 :smitten: love the car and the game although i need more practice anyway. Was wondering if there were any fellow gamers here that also have a copy, would be fun race the...
  3. J

    Help a fellow club member!!!

    Dear everyone! My band 'Leatherat' are lined up to play a reasonably large festival in Aylesbury this summer and the organisers have decided in order to pick out the talent they will let the public vote on who plays :rolleyes: If you feel kind and have a spare 60 seconds to help out a...