1. ArTo

    WTB: Right front OEM Fender

    Hey guys looking for a good front right OEM fender shipping to Germany If someone have FRp Fender with good fitment, I‘ll thing about thanks
  2. ArTo

    FS: Carbon Fibre Trunk + Ducktail, Side Skirts, Carbon Wind Splitter, Left Front Fender

    Hey, some stuff need to go: Carbon Fibre Trunk with special made FRP Ducktail and a layer carbon fibre, nearly new - 650 € Dropbox - IMAG4345.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4344.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4343.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4342.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4341.jpg URAS Side Skirts used - 150 €...
  3. ArTo

    WTB: Rear right Fender / Door

    Hey guys, anyone could help me? Iam looking for a rear right fender complete, I cant get this in europe (NL, GER) Rear Fender - 7811285F30 Maybe someone have connection in UK to get this new? If someone breaking S15, that would be also an opinion. From Japan I have to load in container...
  4. ArTo

    WTB: Looking for Right Door / Fender, Big Brake Kit

    Hey, just looking for this parts. Maybe someone breaking.
  5. L

    Where can i buy an S15 original Rear left Fender

    Hello, guys. I just have one question for the moment, Where can i buy an S15 original Rear left Fender?? I ve been looking through ebay but the one that i found says "DMAX 99-02 Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia Left LH Rear Fender Quarter Panel 30mm Wide" which i guess is not exactly the original one. as...
  6. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: WTB Passenger fender side marker Pigtail

    Looking for Passenger fender side marker Pigtail connector.
  7. Mike

    Any Mountain Bikers about?!

    Recently got back into my biking and bought a new bike other month! Been loving it and perfect compromise between exercise, fun and shedding the beer belly! I bought this for mine other day and wanted to show everyone as very impressed with it. As mudguards are generally for the pansies amongst...
  8. I

    WTB: Left Rear Fender

    Hello, I'm looking for a rear left fender, part number 78113-85F30 Mine is not fixable...:cry: Do you know where I could find a breaker who could have one ? It's almost impossible to find a used one, and I have no delivery time for the new I ordered by Nissan France... Thank you
  9. W

    s15 fender braces (not s14)

    I'm looking for some good fender braces to suit the s15, I've seen some listed for s14-ONLY so s14 must be different to s15 here. So far these are the ones I've found for the s15: Ultra racing, but only 2 point: Nagisa auto, but not triangulated: j-speed, but only 2-point: Is there...
  10. S

    What's your opinion about fender vent?

    I think both of these are Vertex Ridge? But one doesn't have a vent on fender where there is indicator and the other has it. To me, non vent looks nice only because vented one doesn't line up well. vent line doesn't end up anywhere like main side lines on the body.... What ya think?
  11. E

    New Stock Arrive

    Hi all, We will have the following arrive this week and next week:- S15 DM-Style FRP Roof Spoiler - £95 S15 Carbon Door Sil - £70 S15 Carbon Exhaust Heast Shield (Standard Rear Bumper Only) - £50 S15 DM-Style Front Vented Fender +30mm - £195 S15 +50mm Rear Fender - £195 S15 DM-Style Carbon...
  12. E

    DM-Style & SU-Style body kit/fender/spoiler

    Hi everyone, In around March/April, we will have a big batch of DM-Style & SU-Style body kit/fender/spoiler coming in, please see the follow:- DM-Style Type 2 Full Kit DM-Style Front Vented Fender DM-Style Roof Spoiler (FRP/Carbon) DM-Style Boot Lip Spoiler (FRP) DM-Style Door Card...
  13. T

    WTB: Radio surround, fender guard......

    anyone got these few parts laying around, the drivers side fender guard nd a few of them lil clips that keep breaking :rolleyes:, radio surround, and the bottom part of the steering column
  14. S

    Wider Fender

    Just put wide front fender to get an idea how it will look like. Yes, my wheel now looks even crappier than stock wheel. and whole car looks and is 'wider' now gotta do massive change over soon :D
  15. E

    Vented Fender, carbon Slam Panel & carbon bonnet lip

    Hi there, Just want to test the water see any one interested in these, if so will order some in the shipment: Any one interested, please email to sales@epracing.co.uk Thanks
  16. M

    Rear quarter fender dents

    Hi guys, I've got some dents in the rear quarter fender that's really an enclosed space - the PDR folks can't get to the dents from the inside with their tools. Any suggestions how else I might remove these dents? Other than to putty/spray over. I've seen some small suction devices on the...
  17. C

    what do u guys think about wide body???

    I know that the front fenders are easy to change but the problem is the rear....(u hav to cut the old fender off), and then put this over... ,so just wanna know what are ur thoughts about this worth it? or just forget about it ??