1. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil Festival 2-4.7.2010

    Hi everyone, I was wondering is any of S15OC clubbers coming to Gatebil Festival in Sweden, Mantorp Racetrack at 2-4 July?? I'm coming with my S15 and lots of others Nissan enthuastics from Finland... :nod: Lots of tiresmoke, burning rubber, beautiful swedish girls and nice cars with great...
  2. Feast Japan

    Event: Nismo Festival 2007

    NISMO FESTIVAL 2007 The 2007 Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway is one of the longest known and continuously running car shows of its kind. Usually plagued with cold and miserable weather this year showed clear blue sky?s with not a hint if snow in the forecast. The recent edition of the new...
  3. J

    Help a fellow club member!!!

    Dear everyone! My band 'Leatherat' are lined up to play a reasonably large festival in Aylesbury this summer and the organisers have decided in order to pick out the talent they will let the public vote on who plays :rolleyes: If you feel kind and have a spare 60 seconds to help out a...