1. - 0h -

    Fitting s15 end caps

    hey guys just trying to figure out how do you guys put the factory end caps onto the factory bumper? Thanks
  2. G


    hey guys i recently bought an autech and it seems to have a bit of a ticking noise coming from the engine and i cant figure out what it is. any ideas?
  3. L

    Got me some new wheels!

    Shameless copy & paste of my post on SXOC, sorry! :p Replaced the bronzey 17" CrKai's with some 18" GTR's and GTR-D's :D I've a good bit of poke in the rear but she's only rubbing on big bumps, and it's only the inner lip of the arch that's rubbing, so I'd say I'll hammer it up. Guessing I...
  4. xlr8

    WTB: work meister s1 3 piece

    looking for a set of these looking for 18x8.5 front and 18x10 on the rear.was on newera's website and i cant really figure out all the wheel measurements and sizes.anyone care to shine some light?!
  5. J

    180sx headlight motor fuse help??

    got a lazy eye kit relay switch off the internet at the weekend but when i went to wire it today.found out i have to figure out which is the live and earth in the fuse as there is 5 tits which i can plug it into . please help
  6. S


    Is there any way of calculating torque from the power output...even a ball park figure? E.G. If my motor output is 175kW, can I calculate an approx. torque figure? The stock output is 147kW and the torque is 269Nm...with exhaust and induction mods the power is now 175kW......the torque....????
  7. S

    what's this bumper?

    hmm i can't figure out which maker it is..
  8. J

    Insurance Help, Pls estimate my BHP

    Anyone who can guide me to a reasonable figure pls help, been on the phone last night for a few quotes and after seeing gd things said about the guys at Sky Insurance i gave them a call, but without a BHP figure they cannont give me a quote, and as i dont own the car yet as its just been...
  9. Topper

    Took my car on a Dyno

    Dont have a picture of my print out as yet (will upload it tomorrow) but my car ran 270.6bhp @ fly, and 228 (point something) @ the wheels :) Mods to engine are: - Blitz FMIC Cat back exhaust Greddy profec B - Holding 0.8bar Apexi Pod So overall happy with the result :nod: plus i got a...