1. sjt47y

    torque & wastegate

    Hello! Like to ask what kind of torque figures u guys have. Asking this becasue I understand from my tuner that he usually tunes for more torque than hp. Tbh, i am alittle disappointed by my hp despite the work put in. these are my figures: 395hp at 7000rpm torque 466nm at 5100rpm...
  2. P

    Updates from Passion Automotive

    Our new Honda Type R Forums for Integra, Accord & Civic owners has now launched which is great for type r drivers. Also thought id let you know about a new feature on the site which will calculate car speed, 0-60, bhp & performance. Simply input your cars bhp and weight and it will tell...
  3. kimi

    Nice s15

    While looking around another club i use, i came across an s15 for sale over priced but i guess you may be able to knock him down. i'm also doubtfull on his bhp figures :wack: kimi x
  4. sushiming

    S15 Feature........

    Right guys I am gonna try and get together a S15 feature in the near future hopefully mid or end of september so I want to know how many of u will be wanting to attend this so i can get some figures together... Cheers Ming
  5. M

    My RR Result

    Well after mapping, I finally got the car on the rollers yesterday at the North West SXOC rolling road day at TEG. It was a good setup and Im happy with the figures as a couple of standard cars present made pretty much what they should of, or in the case of an Accord Type R it was 20bhp down...
  6. Topper

    Power Figures converter

    Clicky :)