1. lewis

    WTB: HKS Billet Oil Filler Cap GREY

    Hi I am looking for one of these: If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks
  2. B

    WTB: Fuel filler door flap **PEWTER GREY**, and Centre Console cover

    As above I'm looking for an S15 Fuel filler door/flap. Hinge must be perfect!! Must be pewter grey. Also looking for the lid off an S15 centre console, with the 2 legs. The plastic hinge must be perfect as my own has snapped after I leant on it while it was open...... like a tit!:mad: Cheers
  3. Nissan_S15

    S15 Oil filler hole questions?

    Hey guys, Sorry if these are silly questions, but just a quick one regarding the oil filler hole on the s15's cam cover. Is the filler hole itself where the oil cap screws in, made from plastic or metal? Only reason I ask, as you know my plastic filler caps seal gave way and let oil seep out...
  4. M

    Filler Caps, Turbo intake trumpets, handbrake levers, lambda bungs, and more

    hey guys as well as the wheel nuts and hubcentric spacer kits i can offer, i am also pleased to offer these to the forum now engine bay bling!! :D stainless Filler cap sets ( brake, power steering and oil ) £45 Anodized filler cap sets ( brake, power steering and oil ) £55 Turbo...
  5. S

    G Box and Diff Filler holes

    I've searched the site and looked at the S15 maintenance manual but cant find what I'm looking for. I'm assuming the drain plug for both will be simple to find however I am not too sure if I'll find the filler. Also, would it be best to fill through the top of the gearbox as I have read on...
  6. A

    FS: Nismo Oil Filler Cap Brand New

    Nismo Oil Filler Cap Forsale Nismo Genuine Parts, Made in Japan Part no. 15255-RN012 Selling for 65 pounds including postage Best Regards Andy It will fit most Nissans car, please take a look at the photos below, from the packages.