1. Q

    Help needed finding exterior trim parts!

    It's near time to get my car repainted and need to source out some new OEM Nissan exterior detail bits like the door trim, window trim and door seals/weather stripping, the downside is I live in the states so I need help finding these parts from you guys. First off, are these parts available?
  2. J

    WTB: spec s parts

    need drivers side headlight... driver side rear quarter window mayb a bonnet 2 finding these hard to come by
  3. K

    Snow and Ice

    After a whole week off work with the school closures - I am now having to go into work tomorrow. My S15 has snow tyres on it, and as an auto it has a snow mode. Has anyone else been out in their S15's since the snow came? How are you finding it?! The Rasheen would be much better, it has been...
  4. S

    help finding a post

    For the life of me I cant find the post about this car i have looked for ageesss. Can anyone help me out?.
  5. R

    Apexi D-jetro ECU Option parst, need help

    Hi there, I have got the Apexi D-jetro ECU for my s15 and cant find a part. The part i need is a air intake sensor. I have been told it's a Mazda part. I rang up Mazda and they say the start of the part number is right but there are didgets missing!!!! Part number: N3A11845 I need help finding...
  6. simon

    perfectrun wheel bearing link?

    hows it going i need a rear wheel bearing, did a search got the part number and recommendation to use perfectrun im having trouble finding the part with them though does anyone have a link? thanks
  7. JonoS15

    WTB: S15 Steering Boss

    Does anybody know where i can get hold of a steering boss for my S15? I know the steering wheel i want but i'm having trouble finding a boss for the S15 they all seem to be for the S13/14 Cheers Jono
  8. Robbyp

    Oils Guide

    Is there a Oils guide for changing the engine, box and diff oil on here hadn't much success finding one but it's very possible its me?!