1. Dan H

    FS: ABS heatshield

    I've not had a S15 for a few years now, and recently found the ABS heatsheid I never got around to fitting. It's carbon fibre, but done in a black gelcoat finish, for a more OEM look. I'm sure when I bought it, Craig said mine was the only one done in this finish. The aluminium has still got...
  2. zefside_s15

    Nate's Jap S15 Silvia =^.^=

    Alright, intro over so time to start the slow & steady modifications, So far I have only done the following The first was a Cusco BCS Then a 3" high flow cat with Blitz Nur-spec RX cat-back exhaust After that I got some new shoes, but I'm really keen on the white with Pewter :( so I'll be...
  3. NICKO

    What wheel colour for my S15??

    Here is my S15 from a while back when the wheels looked stunning, but now the wheels are starting to look tired where water has got under the finish and raised up the chrome finish :( so its time for a refurb :nod: only trouble is I cant decide what to have done? at the moment im thinking...
  4. mcp1

    My S15

    After a long time of looking I finally have an S15. It's a 2001 with full leather interior. I'm pretty sure someone here will know the history. Major problem o/s sill is rotten, it can be fixed and to be honest I should have looked more closely! The only modifications when bought were an...
  5. S

    Anyone with a buffer???

    I'm wondering if anyone near Brandon, Suffolk has a car buffer that I may be able to use. I'm trying to clear up my drivers side headlight. I've done the wet sanding from 600 grit all the way up to 2500 grit. It looks better, but I don't have any good rubbing compound (I'll try to get some this...
  6. pegliobaglio

    apexi dual funnel group buy

    Alright guys, Have been speaking to a company about getting apexi filters at a really good price. Don't know if anyone is interested ,the filters are the universal z32 fit apexi dual funnel intake available in either chrome finish or the standard black finish. If there is more than 2 people...
  7. pegliobaglio

    polished rim help!!!

    Hi guys, I have polished rims on my car atm and don't really have the cash to replace them atm so was wondering if there is anything I can do to repair the damage or make it look a little beTter at least?? It has white spots and splits in the finish of the wheels where the weather has gotten to...
  8. A

    JDM S15 Steering Wheel

    Hi all just after the part number for a jdm s15 steering wheel red stitch apparently there is a gloss and Matt finish? Any help would be appreciated from fast users :) thanks
  9. J

    Ep racing carbon bonnet

    Hey has anyone bought a carbon bonnet from them?? Was the fittment and finish good?? And is there any other places to get them from?? Cheers
  10. N

    WTB: gear knob

    looking for a gear knob if any one has one to finish of my car, cheers
  11. L

    New friend of Mint

    Hey all, Good friends with Mint and went for a spin the his S15 last night. Must say the comfiest car i've been in, seat are lovely. Know what I'm gonna buy once I finish uni this year. Might have to save a bit for hehe. totally turned to S15 - lucky