1. S

    Cranking for ages before starting

    I had a sterling alarm and push button start fitted the other day and now once it's been left a while it just seems to crank for ages before it will actually fire sometimes I have to pump the throttle a couple times. Generally once it's been ran a couple cranks and it fires but the next morning...
  2. pegliobaglio

    FS: Oem coilpacks

    Have a set of oem coilpacks for sale. I took them off my car ,they were all in perfect working order when removed. I was going to keep them for spares but think I will get some split fires instead. 130 delivered in the uk
  3. Nickichi

    Snow Day

    Can't find my car anywhere, just about as bad as loosing the keys although im betting all the aus members here are wishing it was a bit cooler, a bit of snow might help put out the bush fires :D