1. N

    Carbon Fibre spoiler

    Has anybody fitted the Japspeed (BGW) carbon fibre spoiler? Im ordering one tomorrow and just wondering what the fitment is like. Do the fittings line up with the holes for the aero spoiler? Cheers :)
  2. 2fst4u

    Oil filter relocation blocks

    Does anyone know of a good oil-filter-end of an oil filter relocation kit? I have the tomei N2 oil block, which has AN fittings so I'm struggling to find the oil filter end of the system that has AN fittings. Gktech does one but they have barbed fittings, one of which is custom length so can't...
  3. B

    Fuel line quick connect fittings

    Hi, Does anyone know if these quick connect to -6 AN fittings are compatible with the ones on the fuel tank cap on the S15? They...
  4. M

    HEL Braided Brake Line Kits & Clutch Line Kits

    As an authorised HEL dealer, I am pleased to offer these to the forum This is quite possibly the most cost effective noticable upgrade to your braking system. Giving a much more confident feel during braking. All HEL kits come with CNC machined stainless steel fittings, banjo bolts and new...
  5. sparks

    FS: brand new hks sqv blow off valve

    brand new hks sqv blow off valve# SOLD# I have a brand new new hks sqv for sale the best you can buy looking for €200 included is all the fittings and instructions (english) for fitment to the sr20det motor.
  6. raytsang

    passenger side mirror

    Hi guys need the passenger side mirror part number. Is it possible to replace the plastic part the get screwed to the door. as the mirror had been ripped of from the screw fittings. if so i need a part number for that part then.
  7. Yakozan

    Fitting a thermo to the oil cooler lines?

    I have a oil cooler with filter relocation siting in the garage waiting to get in. But I've recently heard from a Skyline GTR owner with the same kit that he saw way to low oil temp with the cooler on. So now I've decided to fit a thermostat. The setup I'm looking at is something like this...