1. W

    subframe misalignment

    Has anybody ever fixed this issue? Does changing subframe bushes work?
  2. C

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero Skirts

    Bought these along with my Aero bumper recently as a friend was looking for a set but due to circumstance change I now have them in my possession and could do with the money for them. They are GENUINE Nissan plastic parts and not a cheap fiberglass replica, full skirts plus end caps. They came...
  3. JaseYpk

    My S15 and my mates E36 328i

    Just a quick drive out since my car is all fixed and working, and the sun was shining for once!
  4. Curryzz

    Curryzz S15 silvia withdrawn from sale:)

    Hello guys, Iv come to my senses and decided to not sell my S15:nod:, I have been having so meny problems with her it has caused me alot of stress and being pretty unhappy to be honist, iv had an electrical fault which i have been unable to fix for the last 4 months, as soon as spring set in...
  5. Curryzz

    Car starts to judder under load

    fixed Paul
  6. R

    Back light on Boost gage not working

    The back light on my Boost gauge is not working. How can this be fixed because the light needs to be fixed. Is it an LED? please help (it's the standard Boost gauge):thumbs:
  7. D


    Hey guys, just wanted to ask...... my s15's exhaust makes alot of popping noises when i accelerate and shift gears, can someone tell me what it is and how i can get it fixed? ty guys, be psting my cars pics soon :nod: