1. O

    WTB: s15 bellhousing, driveshaft, starter bolts

    Hi guys, As the title says after a few bolts and nuts that got misplaced when taking the gearbox and engine out of the car. looking for: bellhousing bolts (6 speed) 4 propshaft bolts and nuts (where the flanges meet in front of the carrier bearing) and the starter bolts Anyone that has...
  2. M

    FS: spacers and a few other bits

    got three pairs of h and r wheel spacers 25mm 5x 114.3 bolt on hubcentric. only two sets in picture but they all look the same. comes with nuts. just dirty as they've been used. want 80 posted for each pair next we have an xs power wastegate only get what you see in pic no flanges or...
  3. C

    FS: S15 3" Stainless Decat Pipe

    S15 Decat pipe - used but looks and works like new. Would look like a mirror if you spend half an hour polishing it! Fitment is perfect and it has stainless flanges. £45 delivered to the UK
  4. japmadlad

    Turbo Flanges??

    What turbo flanges are needed to fit to the SR20DET? I'm not sure because garrett say a GT2871R is a direct replacement for the SR20 but list it with a T25 flange. An american site called www.horsepowerfreaks.com seem to list the same turbo for nissan silvia with T3 flange & all the while I...