1. R

    Boost Needle Jump

    Hey guys, my S15 boosts around 0.7 than under high revs and high boost the needle starts flickering wildly. what could be wrong?
  2. Topper

    Flickering Sidelights

    My sidelights flicker when the car is running, but are solid (i.e. no flickering) when just the ignitions on and the car not running. Earthing issue?
  3. Y

    turbo problem, need help!

    anyone out there, i need help. i'm driving a s15 n i seems to have problem with my turbo. :cry: whenever my turbo starts to spool, it make a flickering sound, well at least till higher rpm then it disappear, the flickering sound is always there when it spools at like 3k rpm? :confused: can...