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    Work incident

    Basically at my last place of work i was working on a car and needed to put some rubber gloves on so i went to the parts counter and put them on. Problem was one of my fingers wouldn't fit in cos something was inside so i took it off and shook it. Pic below shows what it was i nearly s**t myself...
  2. S

    Floor mats

    Someone was asking about Nissan floor mats.....I can't remeber the thread. I just bought a new set last week here in Adelaide, $80AUD They differ slightly from the original ones I had when the car was new, the logo was on the side. This is the latest version. Includes the hole for the non-slip...
  3. K

    What's the width of std s15 ati-roll bar?

    Mine looks quite thick. Much thicker than the s14a item i have on my garage floor.