1. NICKO

    WTB: S15 Power FC LJet Or D Jet Cash Or Have Parts To Trade

    Im after an apexi power fc for my s15, either the Djetro Or Ljetro I can either pay cash or if you are interested in any parts I have then I could sort out a trade/part ex Ive got intercooler kits, 6speed hks clutch and fly, 6 speed low mileage box, manifolds, 2x sets of coilovers, strut...
  2. justin666

    ORC 409d Clutch kit... My Review :) Long read with pics!

    Hey Well, As I couldn't find a huge amount on peoples actual opinions and real life experience of the ORC 409 clutch kits for the S15, I though I would put together my own little thread on this one. Hopefully its just a little bit more info out there that may help someone else when it comes to...
  3. T

    My Fly wheel....

    Morning all! Mid engine build made a bit of a discovery! I dont have the dual mass fly, and inplace its Nismo item! With the possibility of needing a new clutch soon, and understanding that I may or may not beable to use an S14 clutch kit (better choice and cheaper) I;d like to try and...
  4. D

    FS: Exedy hyper metal - single plate clutch same as the link above only done 1000 miles and good for 400bhp and feels very close to the standard clutch on the pedal. Good as new, can supply pictures if needed. Was only swapped out because ive gone for a s14 box with new clutch...
  5. S

    standard fly and new clutch?

    can i put my new clutch straight onto my standard fly? 6-speed still heres the clutch
  6. M

    Hi all!!

    I guys, I'm from a small Island in the Med called Malta. Hence my nick!! I've just bought my first s15 (from an ad on ebay) but still have to fly up to the UK to drive it down to my country. It will be the first S15 on the Island. So 2 weeks and 3 days to go till I get my hands on it :)
  7. B

    S15 6speed to s14 5speed info

    Hello, :) can any one help, i have a Nissan s13 Drift car, with a s15 engine with 6 speed gearbox, so far this year i have broke two 6 speed gearbox's, i am now going back to s14 5 speed, Apart from changing the gearbox what ells do i need to do, Change clutch or fly?? i have a s15 clutch...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Rare sighting in the UK...

    to see an S15 and an FD3S go for a blast around Town lol... Mate just picked up his Rex last weekend and boy does it fly!! :) Local Shell garage is gonna be even more happy now hehe...
  9. D

    off to OZ

    im going to australia on the 1st august for 2 weeks whats the chaces of me finding some rear spats and maybe a areo front bumper on my travels?? im going to fly into brisbane and staying in the airlie beach area. any help would be great:wave:
  10. B

    Dyno results

    Popped down to Perfect Touch in Hoddesdon for a dyno run,as before I start to up the power I thought I'd better check that all is ok.It came out at 237whp (260 fly) which considering the only mods the car had is an Apexi exhaust and unknown air filter,I thought wasn't too bad:D Rob the dyno...