1. JDM_virgin

    S15 owners in the US

    Ok I have a favour to ask. I while ago my house got broken into and quite a lot of stuff got taken. short to the point one of the watches can only be purchased in the states and shipped within the US. Would anyone be willing to have it shipped to theirs and then post it to me in the uk? I'm...
  2. Parky

    Clutch recommendations please...

    I'm planning on getting the S15 up to stage 3a by this time next year, and am wondering about uprated clutches that are man enough for 350bhp-ish, it's for a 5-speed manual. I'd appreciate it if any of you fine folk could provide me with a few options of what's available, don't want to go...
  3. Nicely

    ** Sydney and Brisbane folk! **

    I'm over for Christmas with my folks in Brissy and New Year with friends in Sydney Any meets going on? :)