1. Fasthands

    Spare a thought

    Thought I would say we should spare a thought for the poor people in Japan. The home of our beloved S15's and other superb cars we all love. I am just watching the news and can't believe the footage.. I can't even imagine how scary it must be.
  2. tooley

    New test edit of me and richy drifting

    Let me know what you guys think so far? im waiting for the rest of the footage to complete the vid!.
  3. R

    My s15 videos

    Hey Rasi here from Brisbane, Australia. Went to motorkhana with a few of the brissy guys and girls. Nutteh, 70YSR and Dirt Turbo. Great time guys. Here is some footage of me on the day. Nutteh I'll put up yours when I get back from holidays. Enjoy...
  4. tooley

    Drift inc In car footage
  5. J

    Local track practice day

    Some incar footage from an open practice day yesterday Cheers :)