1. ChrisKnottIns

    Is your car insurance due in the coming weeks?

    Hi friends, CAR INSURANCE SAVINGS WITH CHRIS KNOTT You'll know that we're always keen to do everything within our authority to give you the best car insurance deal. Though some of the adverts you see on TV are quite tempting I wanted to let you know that we can still compete with the...
  2. N80Jamie

    Identifying Parts

    Got the S15 up on the ramps for the first time tonight and spotted some extra chassis/ suspension parts i didnt know i had. I'm unsure on what each part is as im not really clued up on all this! If someone could let me know from these crap pictures (sorry!) what they are, that would be great...
  3. richy200

    WTB: s15 passenger front light wanted

    Hi guys had a bit of a run in with some ice and a parked car, minimal dammage but smashed light and bumper :( the car has only just been sprayed gutted! if anyone has or knows where i can get a passenger light form would be gratefull. Needs to be cheapish lol as i don't have much funds with...
  4. JEZ 8553

    New UK Car tax £245 confirmed

    Just got my renewal form through which stated still £405. Went through the automated phone system which quoted £245 so paid that way :thumbs:. About ****ing time!!!! :D So if your currently paying £405 a year then your tax will now be £245, just make sure you dont pay at the Post Office via...
  5. S

    Looking to Buy

    hi can some one help me as i been looking to buy a s15 for a long time now but can not seem to see anywhere i can buy them form in the uk! or form japan can some one tell me where to go and buy one form and what would it cost to get one of the 2001 s15 model! thank you
  6. Feast Japan

    Greetings from Japan

    Hi everyone, Just joined the site and happy to be here. Name is Adam, born in Canada and now living in Japan working in the export industry. Personal cars are a Mustang GT, 85 Levin HB and the ever reliable Honda Dio 50 CC scooter. With the S15 based cars, Ive always enjoyed the agresive...