1. M

    FS: Blue Integra DC5 Recaro seats

    I bought these for my S15 project but I'm wanting some Recaro pole positions instead. Very deep supportive comfy recliners and quite rare in this colour too. They'll bolt straigt up to bride/driftworks etc seat frames. The drivers bolster is a little saggy but replacement foams can be purchased...
  2. K

    WTB: Windshield and windows required!!!

    Hello Everybody, I'm looking for a whindshield including frames, rear side windows including frames and the frame of the rear window. Can somebody offer this spare parts? Thank you!
  3. craig_m

    FS: raceland bucket seats

    i got these about 3 months ago and planned on keeping them for the next project, but i need the money for the next project first, so these have to go. im looking for £150 im located in dorchester/dorset (UK) pick up only, but could arrange other ways they dont come with sub frames. they...
  4. D

    how to get quarter window out nicely

    as title said is it DIY-able or have to go to the pros? as i dont really want the rubber frames to get raped while taking it out D: