1. E

    Where to buy pads?

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that sells pads and disks. Looking for some track gear really like a ferodo ds3000 or something up to a similar friction level. Also after some plain disks for cheap. Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    20% off exedy clutches during july!!!! Dont miss out!!!!

    HI Guys We have a great offer for you guys on Exedy Clutches through the month of July!! EXEDY was founded over 50 years ago by Kazuma AdachiMore who strived to provide a better clutch for the Japanese Auto Industry, he has most certainly succeeded and EXEDY is now probably the most known...
  3. Yellow Peril

    Lightning Yellow S15

    Just a quick pic of her today How she looked before: Updated spec: Body: Vertex kit – Front,Rear Bumpers, side skirts, wider wings Ganador mirrors Flushed Bootlid Rolled arches Yashio factory rear lights Nismo clear side repeaters Tinted windows Mf de-wiper conversion...