1. L


    I'm going to need a clutch soon, no idea where to even look for a s15, still got the standard flywheel(i think) car will be running 370bhp(ish) don't want to have a really heavy clutch pedal, tried my friends 14 with a 6 puk clutch and that was stupidly heavy don't want to be spending stupid...
  2. M

    S15, 27/8/12 Telford International Centre Insomnia I46 lan party!

    Spotted you in the carpark, couldn't believe it when my friends said "look there is a S15",
  3. Adam L

    What is your car history?

    Well the S15 that I have put a deposit on has been a dream I've had for a long while now. Now, I'm finally in the position to own one. I've gone from a bunch of R5GTT's, to Pulsars, Escort RST's, S14a's, Omega V6 (tow car), to temporarily driving my missus' yellow Saxo (ssshhhh), and now the...
  4. pegliobaglio

    My friends car was stolen please take the time to have a look

    As the title suggests my friends special edition EP3 was stolen a couple of days ago if you could just take the time to look at this thread has all the details of the car on there if you could just keep your eyes open would be most appreciated...
  5. Burnout

    Burnout - s15 - v8/ls1- silvette

    Greetings to all. I from Moscow, the owner s15. The car was bought from the Japanese auction one year ago.. First day in Moscow Now it looks approximately so. With friends In the future I am going to SWAP Sr20det p.s. I am sorry for my English :o
  6. LuPix_S15

    My easyrepair S15 vid...

    Just messing about (as usual) with the camcorder and Ulead Video Studio which is sooo cool to play with lol :D After a hard 6 months of starting to learn about this car inside and out, thought I'd take the chance to thank all my friends, S15OC and everyone else who is helping me do the mods that...
  7. kimi

    strut braces

    please take a looky here and here i know they are for s13s not 15s :wack: just...
  8. Nicely

    ** Sydney and Brisbane folk! **

    I'm over for Christmas with my folks in Brissy and New Year with friends in Sydney Any meets going on? :)
  9. N

    Our White and Red Silvias!

    Just thought i took some pics of mine and my Friends S15 to share with you guys. My Friends red s15 is using Vertex Ridge Widebody kit with VolkRacing GTC RIms. If you have seen my whity ride before from previous posting, I have change my Rims to Super Advan Racing 2 Rims. :) Btw, mine is Uras...
  10. Feast Japan

    Recent S15 Images

    Hey fellas, Below are a few photos I took from Rnd 1 of D1 GP in Ebisu. That Friends S15 is just a beautiful piece with te T & E kit attached.
  11. D

    hello from nz ver2

    greetingz :wave: nice to see s15 owners from all over the world here this is dns from newzealand so this is my stockish ride jus some quick fotos i found... i hope i can find some more later on some pics from last night's cruise with friends pardon me if the hondas offended anyone :p rwd...
  12. J

    Borrow my friend's dad's camera yesterday...

    Hey, My friend's dad let us borrow his camera yesterday (i dunno wat it is..i just know its one of those big black ones). Anyway, went to take a few quicksnaps just for fun and the best i could come up with was this.
  13. S


    Few good friends started this drift club in NZ