1. willy s15

    FS: volvo R front rotors

    hey to all i have set front rotors from volvo r is 330x30 is like new very little use i change with some bigger rotos is oem rotors very good quality price is 100e / 90pounds plus fee and ship to anywhere you are pics below
  2. ArTo

    WTB: Right front OEM Fender

    Hey guys looking for a good front right OEM fender shipping to Germany If someone have FRp Fender with good fitment, I‘ll thing about thanks
  3. S

    WTB: Front seatbelts

    Anyone selling a pair of front seat belts? mine have gone sloppy and don’t really retract anymore so looking for some good condition ones.
  4. willy s15

    FS: audi s3 p8 front brake rotors

    hey all i have a set front rotors from audi s3 p8 345x30 this front rotors is with 15.000klms in great shape like new i change it with bigger pics on request priceis 80euro plus fee and ship i anywhere cheers
  5. willy s15

    FS: volvo r s60 s70 brembo front rotors drilled like new

    hey all i have a set front rotors drilled from volvo R is like new i change it with bigger rotors has on it 5.000klms is 330x30 \ pics on request price for it is 80euro plus fee and ship it anywhere cheers
  6. P

    Hardware advice

    Just picked my s15 up from the docks and the bumpers have been removed due to ride height but no hardware was kept just wondering what I need to fit bumpers front and rear
  7. mixvariety

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero - Pearl White, TE37's, GTX2876R, 351bhp+!

    Due to the boring adult reason of looking into buying a house, I’m reluctantly putting my S15 up for sale to help towards it. I’m not in a rush to have rid of this, so it’ll only go for the right price. This has been my dream car (on my dream wheels) since the early Gran Turismo days, and I hope...
  8. C

    WTB: WANTED! - Front Fog Light Pair

    As above looking for a pair of front fog lights to buy, in order to replace mine in my non-aero front bumper! Cheers!
  9. K

    WTB: WANTED...S15 front brake caliper!

    My front passenger caliper has seriously seized and appears unsalvageable. Anyone selling or know anyone with a spare please let me know. Thank you for looking.
  10. ArTo

    WTB: Vertex Edge Front end

    Hey, looking for that kind of bumper =) Need to be shipped to Germany!
  11. T

    WTB: Fog lights and grills urgently!

    Hi all desperately in need of the aero front fog lights and grills, if you have please hit me up.
  12. W

    FS: Forged Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 1999

    Can't post pics - Freshly Forged Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 1999 | eBay Unfortunately it's time for me to sell one of my dream cars. The car is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face, and has been by far my favourite car to have the pleasure to own. The engine has only just had a forged...
  13. mixvariety

    WTB: S15 Bonnet, Front Bumper, Headlights

    As above I'm looking for a few S15 front end bits in good condition: - Front bumper (aero or standard, open to offers) - Bonnet - Possibly headlights, but not urgent. Ideally after the bonnet and bumper in white, but other colours are fine too - let me know what you've got! :)
  14. Lil SpecR

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where can I grab one from? Need one front ... :)
  15. H

    FS: 1999 Origin S15 Spec R

    For Sale is my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R SR20DET The car looks absolutely outstanding and turns heads wherever it goes. The car runs perfectly and wants for nothing mechanically wise. The car was imported at the beginning of 2018 by JapWestMods but sadly due to a sudden need to move...
  16. I

    WTB: From Canada land, S15 aftermarket goodies

    A bit of a stretch but I'm from Vancouver Canada. S15s are not very common here so if anyone has parts listed, but also willing to ship, that would be fantastic. Lookin for Origin stylish, vertex or dmax type of front bumpers Badass LED tail lights (open to anything except all clear) Vented...
  17. A

    FS: S15 Spec R Turbo in blue/purple flip -

    Would consider PX offers. Silvia S15 Spec R turbo 1999 Offers around £9.5k Odometer says 147254. No idea if its Km, Miles or a mix of Km & miles. I've owned the car for about 5 years and its been an awesome car to own, In the UK since 2012 & im the 2nd UK owner. The past 2 years its had a...
  18. M

    FS: S15 parts clearout

    Best to whatsapp me on 07790665573 for pics. S15 front calipers, bolts and discs £140 S15 door cards, ok condition £40 S15 uras style rear bumper £140 (have a damaged one aswell £40) S15 steering column/stalks surround £20 S15 foot rest £10 S15 throttle pedal £10 S15 front door glass/windows...
  19. A

    FS: Nissan S15 parts

    Having a tidy up so found these bits in the garage. prices include postage to Uk Unless stated. collection also welcome. I am based in Gatwick orange side indicators £12 full radio connection from sensor to back of the stereo most of S15 comes without this £25 rear bin doors I was going to din...
  20. B

    WTB: Front Fenders

    Hey guys, looking to buy Front Fenders, dont care the color. as long as they are in good condition.