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    Front pipe and dump pipe in 1?

    Hey! well, I'm a noob and i just wonderd what the difference between regular front pipe and frontpipe and dump pipe in 1? is one better then the other or?
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    Exhaust and shiny parts from

    Hi all, Some of you have already had 3" decats from me, but thanks to info supplied by Nicely I can now also offer: Wide bore turbo elbow. 3" frontpipe. All parts are made from the best grade of stainless available, for corrosion prevention. Supplied with gaskets and bolts, current prices...
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    Front Pipe Question

    Can someone tell me if our front pipe is the same as the 14 or 14a please. I assume as the tubby elbow is the same as the 14 so will be the frontpipe, but just want to check before I order the wrong thing. Cheers.