1. M

    FS: Registration S15 FTW for sale

    I have the registration S15 FTW on retention if anyone is interested. £550 all in, I'll even give you a pair of plates, though the front is really small and may not be legal for road use.
  2. Jay-pan

    WTB: 3'' Decat...

    Hello, 3" decat wanted seen one on ebay for £35 posted but budget shopping FTW! If you will take less let me know. Goodbye.
  3. S

    WTB: Number plate S15 FTW

    Who has this? it was on my s15 a couple of years back and fancy it back maybe
  4. andeep

    FS: Private registration "S15 FTW"

    The private plate off my S15 is now for sale. "S15 FTW" It can be put on any car that's made in 1999 or newer, so can be put on any S15. Price: SOLD SOLD SOLD!