1. C

    Hi Guys, R33 Owner

    How's it going, always wanted an S15 and my brother's currently in the market for one, so... I'm here to scout ^^ Actually it's exactly that White S15 in the banner above that made me fall in love with them! (assuming it's not a dynamic banner... :S) I've owned an S14 before and was hands down...
  2. S

    Hello NZ here

    Hello :) im am 18 currently living in NZ. So after months of searching for an s15 i came across this one. although it doesn't seem really appealing in photos, or at least for me. in person this car really is amazing. the power is great and its so much fun to drive! please let me know what...
  3. Cris69

    Meet: Tunnel run!!!

    I'm arranging a tunnel run with a few mates, all have jap motors :) from civic type R to r33 skybus and me in my s15... We are going to meet at the ace cafe in London and then go have some fun :) All welcome!! Planning for end of October and a Saturday evening... as soon as I have more...
  4. Mange

    S15 Fisheye

    Today I just got a fisheye objectiv for my camera and I did some quick shoots just to try it out. I totally love it, so good fun with it. No masterpiece's and ****ty wheather. But it's still a S15!! Cheers / Mag
  5. s15wideass

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi guys, just got an s15 specR last month and found this site very helpfull so i joined up.... Swapped my DC5 for a subaru blue wide arch s15 and i can't see myself ever going back to a front wheel drive car ever again, it's just so much fun in an s15 :D
  6. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: JTS @ Silverstone [Sun 23rd May]

    Hey guys :) Anyone fancy meeting up at JTS this year?? Have been 2 years in a row and it's pretty fun. Main reasons I'm going is cos I'm on the Knight-Racer stand, the BDC will be competing there and I've booked 3 track sessions which should be fun (did this last year - nice to be back with...
  7. M

    anybody want aftermarket LSD for your stock one

    am after a stock diff to replace with an aftermarket diff 1,5 way. its a fun diff but need a stock one. thanks
  8. Benne

    Nuerburgring Nordschleife onboard my Silvia

    Speed Industries Trackday... put a Go Pro HD in my roof and had some fun :nod:
  9. Nicely

    Airbag in Motion

    Clearing out the shed earlier today and found my old S15 steering wheel (leather damaged). Thought 'what a waste to just chuck it', so had a bit of fun first. Amazing what you can do with a 9v battery... :D
  10. Yakozan

    No longer a S15 owner :(

    Yesterday i met up with a lad from Gothenburg to sell my car. he test drove it, payed and drove away with the car :cry: So now I'm not an S15 owner anymore. The S15 is still the best car I've ever had, and I've had some very fun moments in it. Especially on track and it was always fun to have...
  11. J

    Hillclimb s15 action

    Havin some fun at the local hillclimb just held, Just like the "touge" but a little more police friendly! :)
  12. subzero

    Post your Favourite pic of your own car .

    just thought id do this for fun and see some cool photography .
  13. S

    Howdie !!!!

    Saw a sticker for this site on a 15 that i saw at a car show yesterday so said id join in on the fun, talk soon. :wave:
  14. B

    ARC arb's fitted

    My ARC pipe bar arb's finally arrived (Cheers Kieran) They were relatively simple to fit and have made the car much more fun to drive,just need to crack on with the rest of the suspension now :D
  15. Yakozan

    Video: Samuel H?binette drifts a Volvo 740 drift car. Looks like alot of fun :)
  16. irvs

    isle of cats with no tails (man)

    hey all been away working isle of man (spark) and dam i had a great time;) thing is ive never seen so many high performance cars im my life exept at a "cruse" everything from evoIX's to mx5's though sadly never seen an s15. though i think my work hire car was better than any, a 1.2 16v 06...
  17. D


    Sold the s15 drift car some time ago now and have a new track car it's a 96 subaru impreza sti that we have converted to rwd boy is it fun to drive . This was me in it's first run out need to get the diff sorted and coilovers in it
  18. J

    Strip virginity popped!

    :D I ran a 14.49 at Shakespeare County Raceway yesterday. Recjkon I could have got it lower if I could launch better - that was the hardest bit. Was a fun day! Especially wasting a big-ass Z28. Mind you, I got wasted by a little Toyota Turbo Hatchback too so horses for courses I guess :o
  19. J

    Borrow my friend's dad's camera yesterday...

    Hey, My friend's dad let us borrow his camera yesterday (i dunno wat it is..i just know its one of those big black ones). Anyway, went to take a few quicksnaps just for fun and the best i could come up with was this.