1. S

    WTB: In desperate need of some fuses

    So my heaters stopped worked earlier today and I managed to completely destroy the 100a male PAL fuse in the engine bay fuse box. Not only have I destroyed that one but I was hoping to replace the two yellow 60a fuses so ideally need two good condition 60a fuses. Anyone have any 1 male PAL...
  2. Mycool


    Hi all - basically iv came across something really odd today with my s15... My rear plate bulb had blown so i ordered some new led bulbs for it, fitted them & they still wouldnt work - so i automatically thought maybe there not working because there led, so i went out & got some normal bulbs...
  3. M

    Heater problems on the first day of ice

    Basically its the first day of really cold whether and my heater isnt working. Think it happened the night after my last drift day. blower was on all day as it was hot and on all the way home aswel but the morning after its not working. Checked the fuses in the drivers footwell and all of them...
  4. S

    Wiper problem thats got us stumped!

    went to use my car the other day and the wipers didnt work at all...was a bit hard to drive home in it :( Checked all fuses and they are fine, however...there isnt a 20amp fuse where it should be in the footwell and there doesn't appear to be any relays in the fuse box under the bonnet...
  5. S

    window relay and fuses

    Any idea as to which ones they are? took my door cards off and have no power to either motor, checked all the fuses that are fitted and there ok, just wondered if anyone had a diagram of what does what etc? cheers
  6. N

    headlights left side not working

    Hi guys, my left headlight has suddenly stopped working, i have aftermarket plug n play HIDs they have worked a charm up until now, i have tried a different set of HID's and it works for a bit, then dies again, i tried taking it out and just putting a standard globe in and it still doesnt work...
  7. sliding-r

    Alarm wont disarm or work atall

    Hi all, my alarm has decided it doesnt want to work after leaving the car over the weekend.. I washed it an put it straight away on thursday and havent touched it since. the alarm was working perfectly before? and the car running sweet.. Checked the battery its fine, as i jumped it across to...
  8. LuPix_S15

    ABS On/Off Switch

    Hi guys :) Looking to proceed with switch panel upgrade work so thinking about installing a 20A switch to turn on/off the ABS system (thanks Craig for the switch lol)... however don't want to remove the actual unit as a) haven't got the time and b) not sure if I want to go this far :p...
  9. Curryzz

    Strange electrical fault geting on my nerves:(

    Hi, i have an odd mix of faults with my electrics, there is no permanant live to the clock, passanger side door lock, interior light, and also the climate control unit? Any brain waves, all fuses are ok, soon as i put the ignition on its fine but it resets its self every time i take the key out...
  10. R

    Sidelight Fuse

    OK.. it looks like I've blown my sidelight fuse. everything else seems to work but not the sidelights. I've taken a look at the fuse box diagram (the link in the useful threads doesn't work, but this one does http://www.mys15.org/S15_Tech/s15_fuse_diagrams.pdf) and there's no fuse labelled for...
  11. C


    I've lost some fuses for the ABS in the main box, does anyone know if they are they the same on the s14? Does anyone know where i can get them from? thanks andy
  12. S

    fuses s15

    s15 keeps blowing starter signal fuse,,,, any one know were to look for the problem.