1. Mycool

    Redex 0 to 60 booster

    Hi all, just curious as to if any of you have tried this redex 0 to 60 booster. I only use vpower anyway, but if i was to try this aswell as having vpower in, am i likely to see any gain? Does it actually even work?? Any opinions On it? Cheers
  2. NICKO

    how to contribute to the forum?

    I've been looking on here and can't seem to find how to contribute to the forums? I'm mainly doing it to gain the fast parts system but it's always good to help while doing so :thumbs:
  3. U

    Spec-S - what exhaust

    What exhaust system would you recommended for the Spec-S? I want something LOUD that doesn't hang too low; meaning the pipe should use the same tunnel as the stock exhaust. I know I wont gain any BHP but I just want it to be louder. I haven't seen anyone selling exhausts for NA S15 in Europe...
  4. J

    jizzles here!

    hi, yes newbie here in s15OC, everyones been through. i am link to other forums like most of you guys. I'm the type who like to organise cruise meets and hopefully to gain your support. thank you. Hope to meet most of you soon.. cheers.
  5. sliding-r

    Achieving 1.2 Bar on stock actuator and Greddy Profec 2 ?

    i am having the car mapped on thursday but have just realised that the gain on the controller only goes to 100% does this mean i cant reach the desired 1.2bar that is wanted? is the actutuator 0.5 Bar? if so that means can i only get 1.0 bar from the greddy at 100% gain. will i be needing...
  6. P

    hi all

    hi folks, my name is pj, from ireland, have an s15 spec r , joined to gain knowledge, and give info on the best jap drift car there is.
  7. W

    Unstable Boost - Using Blitz SBC I-Color

    I'm getting very fecked off with this EBC now & Blitz for not giving proper instructions on which pipe goes where on the solenoid!!! It won't hold boost at all. Keeps creeping with revs. Tried various settings starting from SET 10 GAIN 5 but no luck. Tried turning EBC off and still creeps...
  8. Nicely

    Two Level Boost

    I've posted this in several places, but still can't establish the problem... Don't know if anyone else has this happen... I appear to get two levels of boost when me foot is to the floor. I get a nice level amount of boost up to about 4500 rpm, then it suddenly leaps up to a more unpredictable...