1. S

    OEM turbo manifold gaskets

    Just a quick one guys/girls. My cars blowing really bad i believe from where the turbo bolts to the manifold on the 4 bolt flange. It was blowing here before and i managed to sort it by tightening the 2 studs on the right hand side up however this time it sounds and feels like its the side...
  2. S15_SAM

    FS: S15 Parts forsale, Injectors 480cc, Inlet gaskets, turbo gasket

    Having a small clear out Forsale S15 turbo 480cc injectors cleaned and flow tested and never used since.(Bought as spares) New top and bottom Orings, in great condition. With pintles all good! £125 posted Genuine Nissan gaskets both top and bottom inlet manifold gaskets, iacv gasket...
  3. D

    FS: Genuine nissan sr20det black top VVT Full engine rebuild gasket kit S15 S14 S14a

    Full Genuine Nissan engine rebuild gasket kit for SR20DET black top VVT engine S15 S14a S14 Kit contains Head Gasket Rocker cover gaskets Intake and exhaust Valve stem seals Front and rear Crankshaft seals Intake manifold upper and lower gaskets Injector o-rings Throttle body gasket Exhaust...
  4. Jaydej

    Exhaust gaskets

    Hey people I'm buying a 3" system and I need some gaskets for the downpipe and decat does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy them from. cheers
  5. M

    Turbo to manifold gasket recommendations?

    As title. Can anyone recommend a good quality t28 turbo to manifold gasket or is it just best to stay with oem gaskets? Cheers Sam
  6. B

    FS: Selling all my parts, greddy,tomei,apexi,hks

    Hi, I'm selling all the parts I bought for my s15 as I'm changing my plans and hopefully buying another house, all parts are brand new and never used, in original packaging! Apexi N1 exhaust, it's a 1 piece exhaust and the quality looks awesome full stainless steel with all gaskets and bolts...
  7. S

    Turbo Gaskets

    So I'm awaiting my new turbo and have been doing some searches for gaskets. Is there a specific type of meterial to look for? Would it be safe to purchase some on ebay? I will also be installing my new exhaust manifold, but won't need the exhaust manifold gasket as I just replaced that when I...
  8. pegliobaglio

    Exhaust gaskets

    Quick question, can you use any 3" exhaust gasket for our cars or do they do uprated gaskets?? I could hear my exhaust was blowing a bit , when I went to investigate it seems the bolt just before the back box has snapped :wack:so have a nice gap between the pipes, I think I am going to replace...
  9. Mike

    FS: H-Dev SR20DET exhaust manifold with new gaskets and locking clips.

    Bought this off Craig a while ago, have never got round to fitting it and can't see that I ever will and as I'm not after big enough power to require one. Totally new only been taken out of the box and the gaskets are still in the packets. I bought all the gaskets and locking clips which set me...
  10. L

    Fitting of manifold and elbow queries

    Hi Guys, today i took delivery of an Apex type 2 manifold and turbo elbow. Being a bit of a newbie to this kind of mod i've been told by a friend that i need to also buy braided turbo hoses and gaskets. I'd be very grateful if anyone can confirm if i do actually need the lines (quite...
  11. Topper

    Part Number Help - Cam Cover Gasket

    Hi Guys, Meant to look this up last night but forgot and dont have FAST here. Can someone tell me the part number for the Cam Cover Gaskets One round the outside of the cover/head One round the openings for the spark plugs Cheers guys :thumbs:
  12. C

    FS: sr20det gaskets

    , have a full set of Nissan turbo gaskets for sale manifold to block manifold to turbo turbo to downpipe oil return on bottom of turbo oil and water returns on turbo and to block inlet gaskets also all can been seen in picture brand new only reason im sell is i sold s14 and not buying...
  13. D

    FS: FOR SALE: 1999 S15 in QLD, Australia!

    Hi Guys, Time to part with my baby! Pass on the word as this one is an excellent buy. Here's the deal: There's a movie in there also. Asking $19,800 - Goddamn cheap. Registered, RWC, new stuff: front tyres, clutch, battery, alternator, belts, catalytic, manifold...
  14. D

    blown hose - part suggestions please

    Hi Guys, Caught this blowout very early in the drive. Oil spewed all over the exhaust manifold. Can anybody tell me what this line's called and whats the best & longest lasting replacement option? Looks like I'll have to pull the turb off and redo all the gaskets at the same time. anything...
  15. C

    Exhaust gaskets..

    Wheres the cheapest place to get hold of OEM gaskets? Not in a rush so could wait for them to be sent from japan if this is cheaper? I'm looking for.. Turbo to turbo elbow Turbo elbow to frontpipe Manifold to turbo (may aswell while its all apart) and the locking tabs/plate for this ^^...
  16. D


    Is it true that i need nissan gaskets when fitting my 4 branch and elbo as the ones that come with them are crap!!! If so do i need to order manifold and both turbo gaskets from nissan?:confused:
  17. S15RKM

    Metal Gaskets?

    Does anyone know the best and quickest place to get original metal exhaust gaskets from? Am after the full set from manifold back,please help got a small annoying leak cant find it anywhere.
  18. M


    Any of ye Irish guys got or know where to get gaskets for de-cat section finding it hard to get em,dealers telling me cant be got or takes wks to get in such crap know they can be got!!! thanks in advance... Mark
  19. J

    Removing engine cover

    Can someone tell me how easy is it to remove the rocker cover and putting it back?? BTW, I am not very good with any mechanical works. Do I need to replace any gaskets if I do?
  20. J

    Oil from BOV

    Just picked up a S15 from Japan and it has 114km on the clock and noticed today that there is oil (very minimal) coming from the BOV, is this a sign of the gaskets in the turbo on their way out?