1. S

    FS: 5 Speed Manual Gearbox

    For sale is a manual 5 speed gearbox removed from a 200sx S14a. I bought as an impulse as a possible spare but just taking up space in my garage now. I've never used it so can't confirm its condition but was told it was a good condition box. The input shaft cover is broken so will need...
  2. N

    WTB: spec r 6spd gearbox parts

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to rebuild my gearbox in the US, and Im in need of these parts if anyone could point me in the right direction; either with part numbers or a vendor that would have everything. Ive tried nengun but i'm not able to confidently confirm with their diagram which part is...
  3. S

    Clutch Fork and Gearbox Input shaft Bearing?

    Hi Guys, I fitted a competition clutch kit to my s15 4 months ago and now I have some strange noises, I've narrowed it down to either be release bearing (which was replaced with the clutch), clutch fork being bent or gearbox input shaft bearing. I have already bought a genuine release bearing...
  4. O

    WTB: 6-speed gearbox

    He Guys, Looking for a 6-speed gearbox as mine has probably stripped a gear. Anyone that has one for sale or knows a shop or person that has one (or deals with these boxes frequently) please let me know. Preferable close to the Netherlands.
  5. B

    Gearbox Specialist

    Hi All, I think a crappy short shifter has helped destroy reverse gear on my s15 six speed gearbox. I'm gonna have it repaired by Gravesend Transmission Services. I will let you low how it goes, as I understand this is a common issue on s bodies. Rgds Brian
  6. K

    6-speed gearbox replacement

    Can someone please tell me if the 350z CD009 gearbox will bolt straight on without any mod? Thanks
  7. Shawnhalu

    Geabox Conversion Help

    Hi all, I need help in gearbox conversion, Genuine Help i mean, I been reading for the conversion for quite sometime. but still stuck in a stage of choosing between Z32 (5spd), Z33 (6spd), S14 (5spd) I am driving a Nissan Silvia S15,daily street driving & randomly launching or drifting...
  8. K

    WTB: 6-speed gearbox

    Anyone got a 6-speed standard gearbox for sale please. Must be in good working condition. Cash awaiting. Thanks
  9. Unberivable

    Oils and fluids

    I plan on doing a flush of my fluids on my jdm spec R s15, just wondering what people are running so i get an idea of whats good to use for my car. I'm doing a bit of research on whats best. For gearbox some people think syntrans or motul gear300 75w-90. engine: Penrite 10w40 gearbox: ? Diff: ...
  10. Max

    FS: C's Short Shifter

    As used in my S15 Spec R 6speed for about 6 months before I blew the gearbox! Rare as rocking horse ****, and I'm trying to pay for my 350z gearbox conversion! £240 delivered.
  11. langers

    Parts Shop Max Cobra Downpipe

    Hi, Has anyone fitted one of these to their S15? I've just installed mine and noticed the gearbox mount on the pipe is short from the gearbox mount bracket on the car. Is it suppose to line up or do I need to make adjustments to the stock bracket?
  12. Havoc

    FS: SR to RB gearbox cut and balanced prop shaft.

    Hi guys, I have a cut and balanced prop shaft to suit a S14/S15 ready for an RB gearbox conversion. Never been fitted or used since having it done, was made by NISPRO. Want what I paid: £130. " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  13. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Engine Light and gear changes

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Couple of questions that are not related to each other. Two birds with one stone and all that :p Question 1 I pretty sure this is down to the cold weather but i suppose i want to try to clarify exactly what it is that does this. Recently, everytime i turn the car on, i...
  14. V

    Spec S Gearbox Oil Capacity

    Hey, does someone know how much oil i need when im replacing the oil in my 5 speed spec s gearbox? I know that it is about 1,8 l for the Spec R but im not sure about the Spec S gearbox. Cheers. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2
  15. mattyjp

    FS: Cs short shifter, low milage 6 speed spec r box and lots of other parts

    Selling as I’ve recently sold my S15 spec R(soul) there’s probably more parts and I will add more info/pics as interest dictates to prevent the same questions being asked. Open to sensible offers. parts may be sent at extra cost price does not include postage. Unless otherwise stated parts are...
  16. A

    Newbie considering buying S15

    Hi, I am Andy from Edinburgh in Scotland. I currently drive a Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 but for various reasons I am considering buying a Spec R S15 aero Silvia. I would be looking for one with low miles (50,000 or less) that has not been abused with few modifications although basic things like...
  17. Barnesy

    WTB: RB26DETT & RB25/GTT gearbox

    Hi guys, I know this is an S-Chassis forum but I was wondering if people could keep their ears to the ground. I'm looking to do an RB swap to the car but need to source an engine & gearbox. If anyone has any mate looking to get rid or know of anyone/any companies that are advertising them...
  18. S

    What's this hardline?

    So went to start fitting the new manifold today and while tinkering i noticed a blue vacline hanging down from the gearbox. Odd I thought what's that? Got under the car and found the end hanging down used to be attached to this hardline running along the inside of the nearside chassis rail...
  19. jason'S15

    WTB: R33 rb25 gearbox wanted for conversion

    As title! Anyone know of one for sale? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk