1. S

    WTB: looking for a Trunk

    hi there I am looking for an OEM trunk. Please PM me if you have one for sale and are willing to ship to Germany Greetings
  2. ArTo

    WTB: Vertex Edge Front end

    Hey, looking for that kind of bumper =) Need to be shipped to Germany!
  3. N

    Hi from Germany

    Hi there, i am Mario from Germany. I am 25 years old and live near Baden-Baden. Many People knows the area as "Blackforest - Schwarzwald in German". Since December 2015 i have a S15 Spec R in KH3 Black. The Car is modfiied, the spec list is big. For example: Engine: HKS GT RS Turbo with...
  4. ArTo

    FS: Rear Flat Wing extension

    Hey still got this FRP wing 90 € located in Germany Shipping not includet.
  5. A

    New S15 Aero Owner (fresh imported, PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys and girls I am completely new to the S-Chassis scene, but let me introduce myself at first: My name is Andy, I´m 28 and live in the northern part of Germany. I am a Supra owner for five years and this was my first car love at the age of six. This is my one owner Euro-spec supra...
  6. Barnesy

    Euro-spec headlights

    Hi guys, I'm hoping some of our European members could help me out! I have imported my S15 from Japan but currently living in Germany for the next 3 years or so. Does anyone know where I can get some LHD headlights? Cheers guys.
  7. M

    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my Name is Patrik i´m come from Bavaria, Germany. I´m 24 years old and i drive since 2 Years a 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. :) There are still a number of things to be done :nod:
  8. D

    New from Germany, Hi everyone !

    Hi everyone at S15 Owners Club, Recently heard about the forums on the www and would like to introduce myself as a new member up on here. My name is Dominik, I'm 25 years old and live in the beautiful city of Hamburg in the northern part of Germany. I started owning jdm spec cars back when I...
  9. Murmelkopf

    WTB: S15 SR20DET 6 Speed Gearbox (new or used)

    Hi, I'm searching a S15 6 Speed Gearbox in good condition without kracks, rattles or sounds. The gearbox goes to germany! Please show me everything you got! PM me with price and pics please greez eric
  10. Franz_Cisco

    New S15 from Germany

    Hey Guys, I'm Marc from Germany. Until last Thursday I drove a Honda Civic Type-R (FN2) with some modifications. I really like that car but after some years of usage I think there might be something more powerful. I like to drive something special and rare, so there weren't much options and I...
  11. Z

    WTB: spec-r wing (spoiler)

    l'm looking for a oem spec-r wing. Wan't to cut the middle-light out - so if somebody have to sell one and would send it to germany please send me a pm
  12. ArTo

    S15 from Germany

    Hey guys, want to show my S15 from Germany. She comes from Japan and was 3 months in UK and now 2 years in Germany. Already got a lot of specs as bigger FMIC, Genuine Bride seats, XXR Wheels, Mishimoto stuff, URAS bodykit, BuddyClub coilovers, Defi gauges, some carbon parts and some other...
  13. ArTo

    WTB: Wanted S15 OEM Tail lights in good condition

    Hey guys, looking for some good taillights for s15 shipped to germany. Would take also one right taillight when someone have on stock. Regards Arthur
  14. Wayne

    New from Germany

    Hello everyone, my name is Tim, I'm 22 years old and live in Germany. I imported my S15 Spec-R last year from Japan and I love it! :) I'm registered here since last year, but never introduced myself. Sorry for that! I hope I'll get some tips and also can give you some tips. If you have any...
  15. E

    SERVUS vom Bavaria (GERMANY)

    Hi My name is michael, 26 years old and i´m from bavaria, germany. At the moment i´m searching a silvia s15 spec s and i hope i´ll find a great one in the next weeks... Regards Michael
  16. T

    greetings from germany

    Hi i am Frederick from Germany i have got my S15 since 2009 hope we can share some informations here. by the way i am looking for some side skirts ! best regards Frederick here a picture from the last night shot
  17. S

    Hello from Görlitz (Germany)

    Hi at all, i want to say hello and introduce my self. My Name is Ramon and Iam from Germany. I´m 22 years old and since 3 year a S2000 owner and driver. The s2k is MY05 and red. Since one year i´m verry interested on s15 and i want to buy next year one. But befor I hope that i can learn some...
  18. R

    hello from Germany

    hi my name is Recep i'm 23 years old and i live near cologne. I borned in Germany but my parents are from turkey. I've bought my first car (200sx s13) then i was 20. this year February i begin my Project. i would like to swap s15 engine and other parts. i hope i found here somthing. Greets Ray
  19. holzkreuz

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello There Now i finally found a S15 Forum, good to be here Well, im Denis, 24y old and from Lorsch in Germany. I'm a Owner of a S15 since January 2011. Its a Yellow one with Aero Bodykit, 350z Rays, Buddy Club Coilover, Japspeed Catback, Downpipe and Manifold. Jperfomance FMIC and Apexi...
  20. B

    WTB: s15 spec-r a-pillar panel

    searching for.. offers include shipping costs to germany via pm. for getting a quote: thanks and regards