1. mint

    f1-auto's? Mates been interested in one of...
  2. Y

    turbo problem, need help!

    anyone out there, i need help. i'm driving a s15 n i seems to have problem with my turbo. :cry: whenever my turbo starts to spool, it make a flickering sound, well at least till higher rpm then it disappear, the flickering sound is always there when it spools at like 3k rpm? :confused: can...
  3. S

    Ferrai-like rear

    Haha don't laugh first. With much time spending and figuring out this and that, i managed to create something firstly criticise as much as you can in terms of look. not my ps skill!! this is only a brief look of what it may look like with ferrari lights. which means lots of :cool: :cool...
  4. Nicely

    Mr Smith has defected.... :ghey: :p :D :wave: