1. Naz

    Hi from Perth Australia~

    Hey guys! This is my baby, 2002 200SX Spec R GT. I've wanted an s15 for the longest time and she's the first car I've had because I wasn't happy with anything less. I just bought her in December from a guy who had her for the last 7 years, and kept her in mint condition. :D I'm stoked with the...
  2. C

    S15 spec R Female Owner from Sydney Australia

    :wave: Hello Every one, my name is Joy , from Sydney Australia... have had my S15 for 6 months now, loving it!!!SR20 is the best, i have had two Skylines before, so yeah! I m a Nissan girl...:nod: pics of my ex-skylines and my current baby S15:thumbs: That is it!! number plate Mis S15