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    Newbie from Malaysia!

    Hi all, Im Sean from Malaysia.. been owning S15 Spec R for almost 2months.. really glad to be the owner of a Silvia.. n nice knowing u all!!:)
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    Email to Origin UK?

    Hello! Does anyone have the email to Origin in the Uk? I have tried their homepage but it says that it can´t connect to that address. I´m glad for a quick answer. Many thanks! //Daniel
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    hi everyone

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and In 2 weeks I'll be new to UK :) (actually I live in italy) I'm James 22 years old indian/italian boy and on 16/07 I'll come to live in London, will like to know some S15 owners from uk. If anybody needs or like to do a photographic service to his car...
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    And another NZ Member

    Hey guys I have Had my Manual Spec S for about a year now ill get some pictures of it up asap glad to be a member
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    new alarm fitted today! :D

    Well, i did have a lazerline.... and to say the least GASH! didn't want one really.... but needed a cat' 1 for the insurance. and the lazerline was "cheap"..... 2 reasons why it was being changed, it kept going off when i parked on the other side of the road! *puzzled* then eventually decided a...