1. E

    What colour too paint my s15?

    Looking for a few suggestions getting s15 shell fully resprayed so thinking of goin with a non oem colour? any recommendations :D
  2. C

    New Member Wanting Info on S15.

    Hi Guys new to the s15 scene and i am wanting to get one next year when i turn 21 so i am wanting some info. i have no rush to get one so not goin to rush in to anything. i currently have a mk4 Astra Sri Turbo so wanting to change to a s15. so down to the questions what power is an s15...
  3. W

    my s15 spec R (still in japan) due in 5 weeks!

    Hi guys heres a few pics of the s15 ive just won in japan (andy from 200bhp really) lol a lot is goin to be sorted and changed for better items, including all the paintwork by myself! OOPS pics didnt upload!
  4. J

    Removing boost contrlooer???

    well goin takin out my hks evc 111 boost controller tomorrow,there is 3 boost lines goin into the solinide..do i just remove the 3 and join them???:thumbs:
  5. D

    It Finally Happened!!!!

    :thumbs:Got my engine this mornin and was so excited got stuck into it!! After 13hours of gruellin work from me and my mechanic cousin (he's the man:notworthy:) its in and its running!!!! Boo ya :D Few finishin touches tomorrow but al goin well she should be sideways out the gate by lunch time...
  6. T

    Recent s15 prices

    was just lookin on carzone at the value of our cars these days in ireland, dint think things were that bad, few spec r s15's goin for less than 10k, one for 7 grand looks pretty decent too
  7. J

    goin malaysia penang

    Hi im off to malaysia and goin to penang im wondering can any one name some places i can look at car parts for my s15 if there is any places there will much apreciated
  8. J

    Jay's 02 Spec R

    Here are some quick ones This is how it looked earlier with mild additions (i.e intake, exhaust etc.) Then i tried these on.. TC005 didnt give me the look i was goin for..so.. There u have it..LMGT4. :) Now, i would like to see what happens if i deck it a bit more:wack: