1. sibbers

    Has anyone fitted an OEM stereo from a new Nissan?

    Hey all, ive been thinking about double din stereos, and I don't really think there's much reason to get a 7" touchscreen unless it's for GPS but then it cost so much and usually look more tasteful when then are turned off! So, what about a Nissan Qashqai GPS stereo? Might look good, but no...
  2. seilow

    wiring gps audio factory

    hi there maybe someone has aplan of the gps wiring?? many thanks
  3. C

    Factory GPS

    Has anyone got the factory GPS that pops up out of the dashboard in their S15's? Couly you post some pics up if so please :)
  4. sushiming

    FS: Mobile Tracker

    Right I am selling on behalf of a frd he has asked me to see if there is any intrested in these trackers as i have interacted with it... its pretty cool.... it comes with batterys and a hard wire kit so u can hard wire it up to the car or u could use it when u want RRP is £249.99 but offer...
  5. Nicely

    FS: ***SOLD*** Snooper S6-R Neo

    I've recently upgraded my Snooper to a Syrius S600 and I now have my S6-R Neo for sale :) These are selling on Ebay for upwards of £100. I'm pleased to say that I can offer this to you for £60 delivered! :eek: Here's the official spiel... The Snooper S6 R Neo combines BOTH laser / radar...
  6. D

    My S15 Spec R

    Thought I'd best post an update as all I had was the night pics from when the car arrived, so here goes with some new images: It will take me a while as i chip away but got plans for wheels, suspension, skirts and front aero bar could be waiting a while as not only has my car been bumped by...