1. J

    FS: 1999 Spec R for sale White

    Regrettably selling my clean 1999 Spec R, I bought this car as a fresh import last december, and I absolutely love it. It's almost completely original, and I've not had any issues with it. When it was imported it was rust free, and I had it under sealed and a sigma alarm fitted. It recently had...
  2. L

    Diff oil?

    What diff oil would people recommend? Redline ? What grade cheers liam
  3. Sandor_

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hello Everyone After years of dreaming and stalking you all, finally importing this NA from Japan. Due in early august. It`s a bone stock year 2000 model, with 90k km on the meter and meant to be a grade 4,5. Lots of plans and work ahead, and with that being said, surely going to need your help...
  4. F

    What boost can I run?

    Standard turbo blitz filter, down pipe,Walbro fuel pump , grade 7 plugs,fmic, what boost can I safely run? Thanks
  5. T

    suspiciously low price S15 opjp

    After being a member of a number of clubs a groups I came across a dealer called opjp. They seem to sell cars direct from japan at alot lower price than most dealers, I understand that they are grade R but this still seem a lot cheaper than most. Has anyone had any experience of them? I have...
  6. eiden88

    FS: OS Giken super single clutch kit

    Hi boys n girls, up for sale is my used but in good working condition os giken super single sd480 clutch kit it's the pressed steel pressure plate edition which is rated at 480+ hp Putting this up for sale as it's definitely an overkill for a daily driver with less than 280hp that never sees...
  7. S15_SAM

    mint low mileage fresh s15 spec R i found, in japanese auctions

    Been searching for an nissan cube on my garages japanese auction site (for the mrs), but also having a sneaky look at the s15's! check out this 17,000km mint one! yes its no aero but a grade 4.5 and super low mileage, its awesome! when i win the lottery i will be buying so many of the...
  8. NICKO

    Service time

    Well as some of you may know ive just bought the chargespeed ex demo car and im well pleased with it. But now its time to just overhaul it checking everything etc just so I kow its tip top, but Ive done a bit of reserch on oils and it seems theres just some many different oils to choose from so...
  9. V

    boost spike and misfire on full aceleration

    hows it goin peeps, last night i was driving home and i gave it full acceleration, the car would go to 4000 rpm and the boost would spike to over 1bar, if i accelerate slowly it will rev over 4000rpm but once i give i the full shoe again it will hold back and start misfiring and popping, the car...
  10. T

    serious det with colder spark plugs..

    being getting some serious det readings on my pfc with denso ik24 plugs in, over the last month it was registering 75 knock, even just cruising at 60, when the car was mapped a few months back ngk bkr6eix plugs were in, i had the colder plugs in the boot forgot to put em in b4 left :no:, any way...
  11. S

    Spark Plug Problem

    Hi, my plugs are ngk blitz iridium with a 7 (heat grade?) and they are brown after about 2,000 miles. Its as though they are rusting from the thread where the spark comes from all the way to the tip. Is this normal? I thought a darkish grey was right. Are they getting too hot? Would putting...
  12. JEZ 8553


    A big :thumbs: for Charlie @ for getting me an absolute minter of a white Aero S15. Cant reccomend him enough for all his help, even spent a whole day fitting all my mods (suspension, full turbo back exhaust system) for nothing before i picked it up :D. Also has...
  13. JEZ 8553

    Finally got one !!!

    :D... Well its taken 7 months with quite a few dissapointments but finally... 1 Owner 2000 reg (march) 81K km Grade 4 Interior Grade B Just a couple of A1 scratches and U1 pin dents Completely Standard I cant beleive the price i won it on, i got outbid last week on an inferior car which...
  14. P

    Missed out on full Aero S15

    Just last week I missed out on my perfect S15. :cry: Here she is... Full Aero Kit (Spats/Skirts/Bumper/Wing) Auction Grade 4, Interior grade A 38k Miles I placed a bid of 1.65 Million Yen which is around ?7k. But the car went for 1.8 Million Yen (?8000) which is out of my budget. After...
  15. P

    Noisy Starter

    My first post :cool: I'm currently searching the jap auctions for an S15, I have an importer doing all the leg work and have spotted a car I'm interested in. But, acording to his translation of the auction sheet, which is pretty brief in what it mentions (as they all are) but it says that...
  16. P

    WTB: Aero Rear Spoiler

    Has anyone got one of these that they would sell and how much? I would need one in white and mint condition cos im looking at a grade 4.5 car but it only has the little spoiler and i want the one with the triangle brake light in.
  17. Nicely

    Engine Oils

    There is a lot of speculation and argument over which is the best oil and how frequently should you change it. The SXOC have been conducting tests on oil analysis for the past year. Samples have been taken of a variety of different oils after changes and send off to the analysis lab which Ford...