1. Mike


    No, no, not drugs. Anybody got any tips for growing nice grass?! My front and back lawns look like the somme and went it grows I just get weeds! Hello everyone by the way! Haven't been on in a while! :) Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  2. Ozone

    Rip s15

    Week after Christmas 2008 on Ashinoko Skyline road, Hakone: I never got around to posting in the project section and now it is too late. My 18 months of Silvia ownership came to an end at 7:30am on 23rd October 2009. I accelerated out of a bend as I planned to overtake the car in front and...
  3. Nicely

    Grass mowed Nicely...

    Before someone else posts it, I thought I'd get in first and show a classic photo of me at Castle Combe on Saturday (Japfest). Yes, I was moving! Had big pad fade coming up to the turn-in at Camp on that lap. So much so that I thought I wasn't going slow enough (probably was though). Think...