1. J0R04N

    HKS EVC-S settings??

    I need some advice as to what to set my boost controller too? I have not got the manual do havnt a clue what to set it too?? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) have not yet had my car mapped so I don't want it boosting too high. I believe the boost is set in % ???
  2. J0R04N

    Help needed!!! Strange jingle/ rattle noise at 3500rpm and above. Video included

    As in title. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Noise seems to come from the front LH upper part of the engine.
  3. M

    HID to Halogen

    Hey guys, just wondering how hard it is to convert from OEM HID to halogen lights.... Got defected for having factory HID... apparently theyre illegal, even with manual tilt.... Im unsure when it comes to lights/HID! would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the right...
  4. S

    Can anyone help

    Does anyone know "dawgg" or anything about his car if so it would be greatly appreciated regards Scott
  5. C

    proof of Aus. delivered car

    G'day everyone I'm just wondering does anyone know how to check if an S 15 was Australian delivered or not? Porsches have stickers at certain places that will certify just such a thing, and i was wondering if the S 15 has a similar setup? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Brad.
  6. naha_music

    how do you pressurize the combustion chamber?

    i've got new valve springs and retainers that i'll be installing in the near future and was told that i need to pressurize the combustion chamber if i'm going to be doing the work while the head is still on the motor. how is this done? any help would be greatly appriciated!
  7. superK

    Spec S mpg?

    Hey, just joined up and i have a spec s lined up to buy, just want to know what sort of mpg the spec s does? any help greatly appreciated
  8. S

    Help Needed!!

    Arite folks, Has anyone used an import company called B-Spex or know anyone who has. interested in doing business with them and would greatly appreciate some feedback. Cheers, keep up the good work Shaun
  9. TriniGT

    Nicely where are you???

    I am looking for a part number for the S15 windscreen any help is greatly appreciated. Front windscreen that is.
  10. kimi

    Advise please what to use ?

    ok my fmic is on :D i'm yet to take it a test run as i have to get my bumper back on, So what do you guys recommend i use to cut the bumper ? i have my dremel waiting and i plan on a trip to B & Q to get a diamond cutter for it, is this the best thing to cut it with? or do you guys that have...