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    super tight screw I cant undo.

    I want to get that metal panel off behind the glove box to change the polen filter but theres 1 screw that is really tight, the screwdriver doesn't get enough grip even if I push hard & its starting to mangle the crosshead. Any tips on how to get it undone?
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    Toyo T1R's - Prepare to be unimpressed!

    This post is entirely my own opinion and personal review of the Toyo T1R. I'm not a professional tyre reviewer but understand the basics. I've driven on Toyo T1R's previously on a relatively high power RWD car and was hugely unimpressed with them overall, even though they seemed to have a fair...
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    tyre pressure

    Having new tyres tomorrow would like to know what is the right pressure for 225/45/17 also 255/40/17 on a daily to give best grip and wear thanks in advance guys :)